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Episode 44 |

Stand Out in a Crowded Market: Sally Hogshead

Sally Hogshead is a branding expert who created a complete system to help individuals and small brands stand out from the crowd. She discusses how to find your brand’s “archetype” and the importance of developing a brand anthem.

Episode 43 |

Combat Chronic Pain with Natural Rejuvenation: Tony Molina

Tony Molina is a master teacher of the human mind and body, and shares safe and natural options to improve the function of the body and athletic performance, while combating chronic pain and limited range of motion.

Episode 42 |

Transform Your Life Through Intrinsic Happiness and Removal of Toxins: Elissa Fisher Harris

The environment, physical health, and emotional well-being are all tied together, and it’s essential to create balance to achieve optimal health. Elissa Fisher Harris shares how to use integrative health techniques to become happier, rid your body of toxins, and find confidence.

Episode 41 |

Improve Your Memorability to Leave an Impression: Carmen Simon

Swaying others to remember you or your brand can boost sales, or land you a promotion. Carmen Simon is an expert in brain science, and discusses how to become more memorable while also improving your memory through visualization.

Episode 40 |

Manifest Your Dream Relationship to Reinvent Your Life: Renee Piane

Vision boards can be powerful, allowing you to consider what you truly want in life-from your relationship, to your career, and even your pets. Renee Piane shares how you can create the ideal life, find your dream man or woman, and manifest a loving relationship that lasts.

Episode 39 |

Finding the Ideal Work-Life Balance Through Outsourcing: Tim Ferriss

Tired of working 80 hours per week, Tim Ferriss designed a successful life while cutting his workload and time commitment down to just a few hours per week. The majority of your to-do list can be outsourced, and Tim explains how to effectively delegate to find the perfect work-life balance.

Episode 38 |

Reclaim Your Health and Boost Your Brainpower: Dave Asprey

The Bulletproof Diet isn’t just a weight loss solution-it can change your life. Dave Asprey shares how you can achieve the ultimate transformation by improving your health and energy, ridding your body of toxins, and creating mental clarity.

Episode 37 |

Generating Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing: Mike Wolf

Creating an income stream from real estate investing can allow you to live a life of freedom, giving you the extra time to focus on what you are most passionate about. Expert real estate investor Mike Wolf discusses how to start, the best cities to buy in, and how to acquire private investors to fund your purchases.

Episode 36 |

Establishing Positive Habits to Transform Your Health, Fitness, and Soul: Michael Morelli

Michael Morelli’s fitness training goes beyond the workout, he takes his clients through the full experience of fitness, eating whole foods and meal planning, creating healthier habits, and even helps trainers to learn the social media marketing secrets that created his legacy.

Episode 35 |

Survivalism Tools to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: Aaron Frankel

From natural disasters, terrorism, to a zombie apocalypse-being prepared is essential. Survivalist Aaron Frankel shares how to get ready for whatever life throws at you, the tools that you need to protect yourself, and the knowledge to properly use them.