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Recent Episodes

Episode 57 |

Nurture, Protect, and Reverse Damage to Your Brain: Dr. Daniel Amen

Your brain could be injured in such a way that it is causing you illness and psychological conditions including depression and anxiety. Learn how to nurture and protect your brain with Dr. Amen’s treatments and technologies.

Episode 56 |

Find Success with The Miracle Morning: Hal Elrod

Wake up with intention and begin your day successfully with The Miracle Morning from Hal Elrod. These six life-changing steps are based on the personal development habits of highly successful people, and can help you to reach all of your goals.

Episode 55 |

Life Hacks for Longevity, Health, and Perfect Genetics: Andy and Kay Walker

With future technology, we may be able to live forever. Andy and Kay Walker discuss how to extend your lifespan, why you should bank stem cells, and how genetic modification can end disease.

Episode 53 |

Tapping and Moving Energy to Regain Health: Fred Gallo

Fred Gallo is a clinical psychologist who has changed lives through “tapping” and EFT, or emotional freedom techniques. This practice allows people to overcome their deepest fears, and rid themselves of pain.

Episode 52 |

Planning for Longevity and Optimal Health: Dr. Daniel Kraft

The best step that you can take to live a long and healthy life is to be proactive in stopping disease before it starts. Dr. Daniel Kraft explains how to live a healthy life, and the new therapies that are becoming available in the event that something does go wrong.

Episode 51 |

Discover True Happiness through Positive Psychology: Mark Dhamma

Mark Dhamma is a health and mindset coach who works with the PERMA method and positive psychology to create a happier mindset, improve awareness, and improve your happiness score over time.

Episode 50 |

Alternative Therapies for a Healthy and Calm Life: Sanjay Sabnani

While traditional medicine is great for some, there are other therapy options available to you. Sanjay Sabnani discusses weighing your options before deciding on a therapy type, as well as overall wellness through meditation and spirituality.

Episode 49 |

The Personal Development Habits that Create Wealth: Akira Iguchi

To find your passion, build a business, and create your dream lifestyle, personal development is a must. Akira Iguchi teaches people how to turn their passion into a million dollar business through coaching, speaking, writing, and online marketing.

Episode 48 |

Create Balance and Manifest Your Ideal Life: Danelle Magtibay

Danelle Magtibay is a spiritual coach, and discusses how our unconscious brain affects our belief system. We can create the future that we desire through manifesting our dream reality, and live a higher quality life through the META-METHOD.