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Recent Episodes

Episode 5 |

Fall in Love With Being Fit: Lazo Freeman

Lazo's journey into training and coaching is inspiring, and he shares how a fit lifestyle is an all encompassing commitment that will leave you more confident, full of energy, and able to attract the right people into your life.

Episode 4 |

Protect and Optimize Your Brainpower: Shaahin Cheyene

Now is a good time to start protecting your brain from the deterioration of age, and Shaahin Cheyene explains how caffeine, getting your genes tested, and learning your 'flow' state are all important brain optimizers.

Episode 3 |

How Being International Can Protect Your Money and Expand Your Growth: Domingo Silvas

Investing and incorporating a business internationally has many tax benefits, and Domingo Silvas shares some great tips on how to reap the most of these tax breaks, as well as the power of multiple passports

Episode 2 |

The JingSlinger’s Biohacks for a Long Healthy Life: Jay and Joy

Jay and Joy share some very useful tips on optimizing and biohacking your nutrition, from whether going organic is as important as they say it is, to how comfort food can be tasty and healthy, tune in if you're looking to transform your diet, and health!