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Recent Episodes

Episode 9 |

A Natural Approach to Healing Our Bodies: Cristo D’arcy

Natural healer Cristo D'arcy shares how he discovered and develop his unique gift for healing long term physical pain, and how we can tune into the energy in our bodies and the world around us to heal.

Episode 8 |

Finding Your Ideal Look: Luke Storey

Luke Storey role as a celebrity and musician stylist has always been based on making people not only look great, but feel great, and believes everyone should be able to wield his tips to have amazing style in their life and feel great about the way they look.

Episode 7 |

bioDensity – High Impact Training for a Strong Body: John Jaquish

John Jaquish created bioDensity, and incredible machine that helped his mother beat Osteoporosis, and he shares how we can take care of our bones and build strength by pressing as much as 1000 pounds - for just a few seconds.

Episode 6 |

A Glimpse at the Future Lifespan of Humans: Christine Peterson

It may sound crazy, but there will soon come a time when humans will live for hundreds of years and many diseases will be cured by altering our DNA. Technology has revolutionized so many aspects for mankind, and Christine Peterson shares some incredible updates we can look forward to.

Episode 5 |

Fall in Love With Being Fit: Lazo Freeman

Lazo's journey into training and coaching is inspiring, and he shares how a fit lifestyle is an all encompassing commitment that will leave you more confident, full of energy, and able to attract the right people into your life.

Episode 4 |

Protect and Optimize Your Brainpower: Shaahin Cheyene

Now is a good time to start protecting your brain from the deterioration of age, and Shaahin Cheyene explains how caffeine, getting your genes tested, and learning your 'flow' state are all important brain optimizers.