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Recent Episodes

Episode 71 |

Forging Connections and Influencing People with Neuromarketing Techniques: Roger Dooley

Roger, the founder of Dooley Direct and cofounder of College Confidential, talks in this interview about how to apply neuromarketing techniques to your own marketing endeavors. If you’re less interested in marketing, though, there are plenty of takeaway tips that you can use to help connect with (and influence) people in other spheres as well.

Episode 70 |

The Complex World of Vitamins, Methylation, and Your Health: Gregory Kunin

Gregory Kunin, the guest in this week’s episode, is the CEO and founder of Ola Loa Products. He's Vice President of the National Health Federation and a serial entrepreneur. If you’re interested in trying Ola Loa for yourself, listen to the podcast for a 30% discount code!

Episode 69 |

Aiming for True Immortality with Youthful Vitality: Nick Delgado

Nick Delgado has become a health expert known for his research in anti-aging and fitness and is very knowledgeable about NLP. Today he discusses the inadequacy of most health tests, eating right, and emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep.

Episode 68 |

Forging Connections and Authority with a Compelling Voice: Roger Love

Today we talk to Roger Love. Roger isn’t only a consultant to the stars. He’s sold over 100 million CDs and has written three top-selling books, which means he’s been able to reach an incredible number of people worldwide. And in this episode, he coaches Optimized Geek listeners on how to develop a powerful, compelling voice.

Episode 67 |

Creating a Company With a Dream, a Vision, a Purpose, and a Mission: Michael E. Gerber

Today I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible guest. It's the renowned Michael E. Gerber. In this conversation, he gives incredible insight into creating and running a company, all gleaned from decades of experience.

Episode 66 |

Establishing Accountability and Goals for Your Health and Fitness: Rob Dionne

This week we talk to Rob Dionne who is a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert, and -- with his wife -- half of the team behind Open Sky Fitness. He’s the creator and co-host of the Open Sky Fitness podcast. We discuss how he helps men and women over the age of 35 lose weight and live healthier.