Episode 86 |

Get off Autopilot and Start Living with Intention: Brent Charleton

Today’s guest, Brent Charleton, is a true expert in "chair work". This remarkable experience, which is the culmination of a four-day journey, can be like the equivalent of six months of therapy accomplished in just one morning. He's licensed in psychotherapy as well as marriage and family therapy, but he’s certainly not your typical therapist. We discuss ways to increase your sense of worth, his thoughts on psychotherapy, and how to cope with Trauma.

Episode 33 |

Question Your Thoughts and Beliefs to End Suffering: Byron Katie

Our minds are powerful, and we can end pain and suffering by changing our thought process and questioning our beliefs. Speaker and author Byron Katie has helped countless people live more joyful lives, and shares how to break free from the mindset that is holding you back from living a happy, peaceful life.

Episode 31 |

Reframing Your Unconscious Mind to Transform Your Beliefs: Ken Dubner

What are your most deeply rooted fears? What if you could change them? Ken Dubner has helped countless people overcome fears, depression, and addictions, and shares how to start your journey to a happier, more positive and fear-free you.

Episode 9 |

A Natural Approach to Healing Our Bodies: Cristo D’arcy

Natural healer Cristo D'arcy shares how he discovered and develop his unique gift for healing long term physical pain, and how we can tune into the energy in our bodies and the world around us to heal.