Episode 77 |

Changing Your Footwear for Improved Health and Comfort: Gordon Hay

In this episode, we talk with Gordon Hay, who is the co-founder, inventor, and creative visionary for ALINE. Gordon offers some guidelines on when to worry about what you’re wearing on your feet, how footwear choices can change the appearance of your body, and how to get your feet and legs working in harmony.

Episode 70 |

The Complex World of Vitamins, Methylation, and Your Health: Gregory Kunin

Gregory Kunin, the guest in this week’s episode, is the CEO and founder of Ola Loa Products. He's Vice President of the National Health Federation and a serial entrepreneur. If you’re interested in trying Ola Loa for yourself, listen to the podcast for a 30% discount code!

Episode 69 |

Aiming for True Immortality with Youthful Vitality: Nick Delgado

Nick Delgado has become a health expert known for his research in anti-aging and fitness and is very knowledgeable about NLP. Today he discusses the inadequacy of most health tests, eating right, and emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep.

Episode 63 |

How a Cleaner Diet and Balanced Fitness Routine Can Extend Your Longevity: Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is a former world-class endurance athlete who now runs Primal Blueprint Transformation seminars and Primalcon retreats. He is also the founder of Primal Nutrition, a company devoted to providing health education and designing state-of-the-art supplements.

Episode 57 |

Nurture, Protect, and Reverse Damage to Your Brain: Dr. Daniel Amen

Your brain could be injured in such a way that it is causing you illness and psychological conditions including depression and anxiety. Learn how to nurture and protect your brain with Dr. Amen's treatments and technologies.

Episode 53 |

Tapping and Moving Energy to Regain Health: Fred Gallo

Fred Gallo is a clinical psychologist who has changed lives through "tapping" and EFT, or emotional freedom techniques. This practice allows people to overcome their deepest fears, and rid themselves of pain.