Episode 84 |

Achieving Mastery Through Productivity, Discipline, and Focus: John Lee Dumas

If you’re ready to become a master of productivity, discipline, and focus, you’re in luck! This episode with John Lee Dumas is for you. We hear some of John’s advice for new speakers who don’t yet have a long or solid track record, his techniques for building and maintaining relationships and his advice on how to make sure your podcast guests share your podcast once it’s live. To learn more about The Mastery Journal, listen to this inspiring episode!

Episode 83 |

The Power of Music to Improve Focus and Productivity: Will Henshall

Will Henshaw founded the British pop-soul band Londonbeat, which had two Billboard #1 hit records, and also a successful serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder and CEO of Focus at Will, a music app for increasing productivity. In this conversation, he explains in detail how flow states work in relation to sound, and explains why most music is actually a distraction rather than a helpful tool.

Episode 64 |

Finding Happiness Through Awareness of the Blessings in Your Life: Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta is a powerful catalyst for change. He focuses on helping people who feel blocked or are in pain find their own happiness and overflowing abundance. And, as he explains in this interview, doing so doesn’t require any huge external changes. Instead, it’s all about changes you can make within yourself.

Episode 26 |

Manage Your Time and Boost Productivity with GTD Methodology: David Allen

Improper time management may be the single most important thing that is holding you back from accomplishing your goals and eliminating stress. Time is your most valuable asset, and David Allen has devote his life to teaching others how to accomplish the most possible tasks with the least wasted time, and without sacrificing time for yourself and time for family, using his GTD methodology.