Episode 87 |

Living Your Purpose: Karen Hoyos

Karen Hoyos was a victim of domestic violence who overcame incredible adversity to reach where she is today -- and, in fact, sees her past struggles as a blessing, as she explains in this episode. She has become a celebrity coach and speaker with over 25,000 graduates from her seminars. Her impressive list of clients includes Harvard University, the United Nations, the New York Times, and many more. All this came from letting go of control and giving in to faith, and she explains in this conversation how all of us can make space for miracles and transformation.

Episode 27 |

Living With Intention to Improve Your Creativity and Relationships: Ephraim Olschewski

Live your life with purpose and intention, and you will see your relationships and creativity flourish. Ephraim Olschewski shares his expertise on living a meaningful life that will translate into success both professionally and personally.