Episode 84 |

Achieving Mastery Through Productivity, Discipline, and Focus: John Lee Dumas

If you’re ready to become a master of productivity, discipline, and focus, you’re in luck! This episode with John Lee Dumas is for you. We hear some of John’s advice for new speakers who don’t yet have a long or solid track record, his techniques for building and maintaining relationships and his advice on how to make sure your podcast guests share your podcast once it’s live. To learn more about The Mastery Journal, listen to this inspiring episode!

Episode 68 |

Forging Connections and Authority with a Compelling Voice: Roger Love

Today we talk to Roger Love. Roger isn’t only a consultant to the stars. He’s sold over 100 million CDs and has written three top-selling books, which means he’s been able to reach an incredible number of people worldwide. And in this episode, he coaches Optimized Geek listeners on how to develop a powerful, compelling voice.

Episode 16 |

Shaping Ideas and Remembering Experiences Through Sketchnotes: Mike Rohde

The best way to process information and remember experiences? According to Mike Rohde from Sketchnotearmy.com, step away from the keyboard, pick up a pen and notebook, and let your brain doodle and write your way to understanding and learning.