Episode 80 |

Curing Light Sensitivity, ADD, Migraines, and More Through Color: Dr. Helen Irlen

This week's guest is Dr. Helen Irlen, who is an expert in -- and the discoverer of -- Irlen Syndrome. This syndrome is a visual processing problem that can cause symptoms including headaches, difficulty reading, sleepiness while reading, a shortened attention span, and more. She, Irlen Syndrome, and the Irlen Method have been featured on 60 Minutes, The Doctors, Good Morning America, BBC, 60 Minutes Australia, and more.

Episode 16 |

Shaping Ideas and Remembering Experiences Through Sketchnotes: Mike Rohde

The best way to process information and remember experiences? According to Mike Rohde from Sketchnotearmy.com, step away from the keyboard, pick up a pen and notebook, and let your brain doodle and write your way to understanding and learning.