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100 Days to Build a Customer Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime with Joey Coleman

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This Week’s Guest:

We’re all familiar with the concept of a sales funnel, but it has one big problem: the bottom is much smaller than the top. In other words, when translated to marketing and customer retention, you need to draw in a lot of people to make relatively few sales. The key to fixing this problem isn’t attracting more people to your funnel. You need to make the bottom opening of your funnel bigger by creating lifelong, enthusiastic customers.


Joey Coleman is here to teach you to be a better communicator with audiences and customers alike. His eight-phase methodology will blow your mind and help you see communication, speaking, and customer service in a whole new light. This is the same methodology he teaches leaders at Hyatt Hotels, NASA, Zappos, and more. Once you’ve heard the episode, you can pre-order his forthcoming book Never Lose a Customer Again.


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Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman


In This Episode:

  • [02:10] – How long was Joey a Platinum Partner with Tony Robbins?
  • [05:00] – Stephan shares a story about a time that the universe conspired to allow his life to change for the better.
  • [08:24] – Joey talks about what some of his favorite speaking events are. He then discusses how he knows whether he has succeeded in getting his audiences to act differently.
  • [12:57] – Joey feels fortunate in that people have been very giving with testimonials and case studies praising his work.
  • [14:33] – Does Joey use some sort of action to get people to commit to change in a meaningful, powerful way?
  • [18:13] – Stephan digs deeper into Joey’s mention of sending a handwritten thank-you card or gift box. Joey then elaborates on the importance of thank-you notes and how meaningful they are.
  • [22:42] – Like a thank-you card or letter, another thing that people don’t throw out is a book, Stephan points out.
  • [25:53] – Joey makes a recommendation for listeners who want to learn about strategic gift-giving.
  • [27:29] – Does Joey have any sort of video challenges in place? Not yet, he answers, but is in the process of setting up something along those lines.
  • [31:29] – Joey discusses how he plans to form a community rallied around the video program he’s just been discussing.
  • [34:32] – How many speeches does Joey typically do in a year? He answers, then he and Stephan talk more about speaking organizations and some excellent speakers.
  • [40:45] – Joey digs more deeply into the types of speaking he prefers to do. He then points out the ratio of books written about what happens before someone becomes a customer compared to after someone becomes a customer.
  • [43:00] – Stephan and Joey talk about Tamsen Webster and Michael Port.
  • [46:36] – Joey begins to explain his eight-phase customer service methodology, digging into the first few steps.
  • [49:01] – How could a consultant or coach assuage buyers’ remorse or the tendency to second-guess oneself?
  • [51:53] – We reach the fourth phase: activate. Joey explains what this means, and explores this and the following phase of his program.
  • [55:55] – Phase six is accomplish, which is when the customer accomplishes the goal they had when they decided to start working with you.
  • [57:21] – If you accomplish that goal, you move to stage seven, where the customer adopts you.
  • [57:47] – Only after adoption can we move into stage eight: advocate. This is when the customer raves about you to their friends and family.
  • [60:37] – Joey explains what his goal was in creating this eight-phase methodology.
  • [62:10] – Joey offers his email address: joey@joeycoleman.com.


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