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Achieve Net-Zero Aging with Dr. Eric Braverman

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This Week’s Guest:

You’re only as young as your oldest part. This is why it’s vitally important to ensure that all of your body is functioning at  optimum levels instead of focusing on just one organ or system. This extends all the way from the obvious systems, such as the digestive and coronary systems, to the less-obviously important parts of the body, which includes surprising parts like the nose. Thankfully, it’s becoming increasingly possible to reduce and even eliminate the functions of aging.


Dr. Eric Braverman joins me today to talk about achieving net-zero aging through technology, supplementation, and behavioral changes. He’s a physician and researcher as well as the author of many books, most notably The Edge Effect, Younger You, and Younger Brain, Sharper Mind. He’s also the director of the PATH Medical Center and the PATH Foundation. In our conversation, we’ll geek out about collagen repair, cryotherapy, myelination, stem cell therapy, and much more. If you want to stop aging and live your best, longest life, this is the episode for you!

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In This Episode:

  • [01:29] – Eric launches into talking about his early jobs working with the brain, and shares the names of some of the notable people he has worked with.
  • [04:22] – How can listeners live long enough to live forever and achieve that longevity escape velocity?
  • [07:47] – Eric relates what he has been saying about only being as young as your oldest part to sports, clarifying what he means.
  • [11:02] – Since there isn’t yet a cascade that will make you 800 years old, Eric talks about what we do in the meantime.
  • [14:19] – It’s difficult to be stable when you’re highly energetic, Eric points out.
  • [17:42] – Eric talks about sneezing and the nose, explaining that the nose is critical. He discusses ways to clear the sinuses.
  • [20:42] – Where do telomeres and their length come into play in everything that Eric has been talking about?
  • [23:01] – Eric explains what he means when he talks about “breaking the aging barrier.”
  • [26:19] – We learn about several different types of stem cells, and Eric shares his thoughts on how far we can go with stem cells.
  • [29:23] – Eric talks about some things he was told at Harvard that have since been demonstrated to be untrue.
  • [33:04] – The thyroid is an example of what Eric has been talking about, he explains, then talks more about a net-zero aging state.
  • [35:44] – Eric lists three important principles from what he has been talking about in this conversation.
  • [39:54] – We hear a metaphor involving an airplane to illustrate the points that Eric has been making.
  • [45:24] – Ultimately, delusions and illusions regarding getting old have to be carefully dissuaded, Eric explains.
  • [48:48] – Now that we’ve covered logistics and tactics, is there a third piece? Strategy, Eric points out, is what we talked about first.
  • [51:53] – Eric digs into why the sinuses are so important to longevity and anti-aging.
  • [53:19] – The average person gains two pounds a month when they don’t sleep enough, Eric explains.
  • [55:27] – Eric shares his thoughts on neti pots.
  • [58:17] – Why is it so important to eat fruits and vegetables that are a wide variety of different colors? Eric answers, then talks about how to counteract muscle loss.
  • [60:52] – Eric talks about bone loss, and mentions that people are more concerned about their bank accounts than their bone density.
  • [63:46] – What one thing would Eric recommend that all listeners do?
  • [64:35] – Eric lists some places where people can find him online.

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Stay active and exercise my brain to sharpen my cognitive skills and function at a high lever for a longer period of time.

☑ Consider my bone structure because my body frame can affect my central nervous system. A weak body frame means a weak brain.

☑ Check my hormone levels and make sure that they are in a normal state. Too much or too little estrogen or testosterone can lead to cancer of the cells.

☑ Research stem cell therapy and what it can do to prolong my life and regenerate my cells.

☑ Observe my sinus and its reaction to different environments. Having a regular case of rhinosinusitis can have serious effects on my health.

☑ Don’t forget to take vitamin D by getting a good amount of sunlight. It’s taken for granted but vitamin D is very important for bone structure.

☑ Make sure to get the right amount of sleep. This is the best time for cell regeneration.

☑ Develop a healthy, balanced life pattern composed of routines that involve eating healthy, sleeping right, staying active and taking care of my mental health.

☑ Check my serotonin level. Low serotonin may cause a prolonged change in mood as well as anxiety and depression.  

☑ Grab a copy of Dr. Braverman’s books, The Edge Effect, Younger You, and Younger Brain, Sharper Mind.



S: I hate to break it to you—your body is aging, your brain, bones, musculature, chromosomes, skeleton—they’re all degrading over time. But there’s good news, it’s becoming increasingly possible to achieve net zero aging through technology, through supplementation, through behavioral changes. We are gonna geek out on longevity in this episode; myelination, collagen repair, regenerative DNA repair, cryotherapy, stem cell therapy, all these and so much more in this episode number 144. Our guest today is Dr. Eric Braverman. He’s a physician, researcher, and author of many books including Younger You: The Edge Effect and Younger Brain, Sharper Mind. He’s the director of the PATH Medical Center and PATH Foundation. He also has his own vitamin line. Eric, it’s great to have you on the show.


E: Even though my first jobs were always on brain, the neuronal state, the atrophy, the change in brain chemistry, the PET amyloid scan, the PET scan. I bought the first beam for $850,000, electrophysiology and EKG on a laptop. I’ve mastered and worked with all the different hormones; parathyroid, growth hormone, DHEA. I’ve written a patent with Dr. Blum on regeneration. I’ve been to Blum’s conferences where we did the polymorphism of the D2 gene on addiction. I’ve worked with Nora Volkow, I’ve had the honor of speaking and lecturing with Paul Greengard, Nobel Prize winner Roger Guillemin, and other Nobel Prize winners. I’ve been in six years at Weill Cornell. I’ve had multiple appointments from NYU to various medical schools in Florida, six years, University of Florida, and guess what? I’m technology compromised, even though the future brain of humanity depends on cortical intelligence networks of both governments, people, and information. Despite having gone with Bob Pisani to Singularity and hung with Kurzweil and mastered and hung out with Gladwell on Outliers, and written books, two best-sellers, and 40 more books to try to outdo Teddy Roosevelt and dreamed of a space canal and a regeneration cascade that will give us all 800-year life spans, began as a member of the international–the Stem Cell Surgical Society and worked in U.S. Stem Cell. I have a phrase, “You’re only as young as your oldest parts,” so a guy like you can die at any time or get cancer. There are certain risks that are picked up and you look at the circles in the eyes and sleep and sinuses and bulbing his prostate. You look at a guy like me, triple type A, they blow gaskets and they have small strokes and they get mini strokes and they get lacunar infarcts and we can do visual prediction, we can do computer physicals. The whole secret and the future of humanity is going to be regenerative DNA repair cascades, with stem cell repair. When the breaking of the aging barrier occurs, it will match the Elon Musk space time breakthroughs including ultimately a space canal that will allow rapid travel through a vacuum tube called space and humanity will enter into its kingdom of God, new order of things.


S: Tell our listeners how they can live long enough to live forever, to get that longevity escape velocity, Peter Diamandis likes to talk about that.


E: Peter is old and he did the glutathione and I love him. I think the first thing people have to recognize as much as I love the people we’ve talked about, no global war on aging can be anything, but all parts of a human being. Being at the Grant Memorial yesterday, everyone thinks Robert E. Lee is a great guy in terms of military strategy. He was actually a parochial strategist that dealt with the diseases of Virginia of what he viewed the diseases were. Grant had a continental strategy. Today, the United States Military exists because we have a global strategy and a solar strategy.


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