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How to Automate and Outsource Everything with Ari Meisel


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This Week’s Guest:

Are you reading these show notes while checking your email, chatting on the phone, or thinking about other things you need to accomplish today? This is a perfect example of the kind of multitasking that most of us do every day. Multitasking can make us feel like we’re being extra productive. Unfortunately, it does the exact opposite., Multitasking actually involves rapidly switching between two or more tasks, resulting in a lack of focus and attention.

Ari Meisel joins me today to explain why multitasking is a problem and what you can do instead. After his career was derailed in 2006 by Crohn’s Disease, Ari became determined to overcome this supposedly incurable disease (which he succeeded in doing). He then switched his focus from real estate to productivity and biohacking. Ari is the author of the book Less Doing, More Living and the host of the Less Doing Podcast.


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In This Episode:

  • [02:02] – Ari talks about how he overcame Crohn’s disease, and how his book came out of that journey.
  • [05:16] – How is Ari’s methodology different from Getting Things Done (GTD)?
  • [07:09] – Ari discusses biohacking, talking about the HumanCharger and explaining what it is and how it works. Stephan points out how helpful it can be with jet lag.
  • [10:55] – Did Ari cover stem cell therapies in his book Intro to Biohacking? He answers, then he and Stephan talk about triathlons and Tough Mudder.
  • [13:57] – Ari talks about his top secrets to success in terms of optimizing time. He first recommends throwing out the concept of work-life balance in favor of the idea of work-life integration.
  • [17:35] – Stephan talks about Keith Cunningham’s idea of having a thinking chair, and then Ari brings up an example involving Salvador Dalí. In terms of triggers, Ari uses his phone as his trigger.
  • [20:22] – Ari shares his thoughts on Slack, explaining why it’s such a valuable tool for team communications.
  • [22:20] – Multitasking doesn’t actually exist, Ari explains. Instead, what we think is multitasking is rapidly switching back and forth between tasks.
  • [24:25] – How do you figure out when your 90-minute peak time is, and how do you maximize that time?
  • [28:34] – Stephan just bought the ŌURA ring and is excited to try it out. Ari then talks about how he uses this ring.
  • [30:50] – Is Ari using TrueDark glasses to help him sleep? Is he doing blood sugar monitoring throughout the day?
  • [33:58] – Ari discusses other tools, in addition to Slack, that he likes for automating, delegating, and team communication.
  • [36:19] – When does Ari use Trello versus Airtable? He answers with helpful information about both. He and Stephan then talk about kanban.
  • [40:36] – Ari uses Zapier and Ifttt to connect Trello with other applications. He describes when he would use one versus the other.
  • [42:02] – Does Ari have any tool, training, or online course to walk people through how he uses all these various tools? Yes, he has a membership site called the Less Doing Labs.
  • [44:58] – Ari describes the biggest difference in his life between now and two years ago. His answer involves the Amazon Echo.
  • [47:27] – What are the most important things that Ari wants listeners to get from this conversation, or things that we haven’t touched on yet?


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