Episode 162 |

Evolve Your Style with Fashion Expert Lauren Friedman

It’s been a while since we came out with an episode on style or fashion. It was episode eight a long time ago, that was with Luke Storey. It was an amazing episode. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should go and read it. I don’t think of myself as having a lot of fashion sense. I did not dress well a decade ago. I didn’t know any better. I rely heavily on my […]

Episode 161 |

Identify Your Genius And Leverage It with Mike Zeller

In this episode number 161, you're going to learn how to identify your genius and leverage it. You’ll also learn how to find or even create a peer group of high performers as well as take your relationships to a whole new level. Our guest isMike Zeller He's a social entrepreneur who started eight different businesses in five different industries producing over $100 million in sales. He's been featured in the Huffington Post, Business Insider and Entrepreneur. In addition to having his own marketing agency, he mentors and educates other budding entrepreneurs I have that in mind so much because I have this futuristic strength and it allows me to see where things are heading. You combine that with input where my brain is like a huge file cabinet. I can retain so many different things like marketing campaigns that were a decade ago. My ideation and strategic come in to morph something that I saw like, "There was a scavenger hunt that Budget Rent a Car did about fifteen years ago and we could do a scavenger hunt online in this way and tweak it in this fashion and it could be hugely viral and get you tons of links.” I'm a very much of a creator of different ideas, brainstorming and all that and in a very strategic way rather than tactical. Then I’m a learner. I'm constantly learning and absorbing new stuff, going to seminars. I'm a seminar junkie. I go to masterminds all the time and I'm reading all the time. I have a relentless thirst for knowledge and for a betterment of myself. If you take your StrengthsFinder assessment and then you give it to your team so that they know how to relate to you and work with you. Then you have your team take StrengthsFinder and you get to learn how best to relate to them like somebody who is a relater or somebody who's got a woo or something different than what your top strengths are. You can work with them in a different way and leverage their strengths and then leverage yours and not tap into the weaknesses on either side. For me, what I've noticed is when I have clarity on my strengths, clarity precedes momentum and momentum is power, and momentum is your friend. When I can communicate with clear positioning of who I am and where I deliver the most value, then I've just anchored in a distinction. My phrase for who I am is a business architect. I can look at our organization from the CEO and the CMO level and help people think through and design the business around where they want to go with their vision and their giftedness and help fill in the gaps. That gives me a lot of clear positioning. I interact with other entrepreneurs, versus if you don't have clear positioning on your genius. Your genius is where you can get paid at a much higher level and it's fun. I've had friends that are incredible and they got their PhDs and nutrition and all this stuff and they create nutritional products. They are some of the world's best product formulators. They get royalties for these products that they've helped create because of these special ingredients because they know their genius.

Episode 160 |

Elevate Your Energy And Expand Your Consciousness with Dr. John Amaral

  Life is all about energy. Life is energy after all. Without energy, you die. The key to vitality is having access to energy. In other words, energy utilization. In this episode number 160, you’re going to learn how to elevate your energy from a true master. Our guest is Dr. John Amaral. He’s a chiropractor, energy healer and educator who works behind the scenes helping celebrities, entrepreneurs, pro athletes and influencers elevate their energy […]

Episode 159 |

Quantified Self: What Gets Measured Gets Managed with Lisa Betts-LaCroix

  If you’ve been following the show for a while, you’ll probably know I’m an avid biohacker. I love biohacking. We’ve had a lot of episodes on biohacking. I’ve had the Godfather of Biohacking, Dave Asprey, on the show. I’ve also had other amazing biohackers on the show like Luke Storey, Dr. Daniel Kraft, Mark Sisson, Nick Delgado, Dr. Daniel Amen and Michael Morelli. We never really deep dived into QS, Quantified Self. This is […]

Episode 158 |

Emotional Range, Awakenings, And Brain Training with Dominick Quartuccio

  You are about to get some coaching and mentorship on raising performance, short-circuiting burnouts and eliminating drift. If you ask, “What the heck is that?” You are about to find out. It’s a crucial concept. My guest and your coach in this episode number 158 is Dominick Quartuccio. As an international keynote speaker, trainer, executive coach and author of the book, Design Your Future, Dominick works with the best of the best. Those who […]