Episode 2 |

The JingSlinger’s Biohacks for a Long Healthy Life with Jay and Joy

There are easy ways of extending our longevity and maximizing our best life that the average Joe like you or I simply aren't taking advantage of. These are the kind of realities that Jay and Joy, The JingSlingers, want to enlighten us with. They make their living being optimized health counselors to everyday people and some well-known public figures. They understand that living a truly healthy lifestyle is about finding a method that is sustainable and fits with your life. Jay and Joy and I could talk for hundreds of hours on all of the fascinating secrets they know about optimizing health, but in this session, we mostly focus on food. Specifically, how can one eat well, avoid pesticides, not break the bank and easily find time for it. Turns out, it isn't impossible. To find out some amazing health and wellness hacks that Jay and Joy throw down, listen in. You aren't going to want to miss them discussing: - The #1 most pesticide-ridden food. - How to stave off colds naturally. - What food has the resveratrol levels of 36 glasses of wine. - Where to find the cheapest, best, organic food.

Episode 1 |

Finding your Sexual Blueprint for a Hot, Healthy Sex Life with Miss Jaiya

Today I'm probing the brain of Miss Jaiya, sexologist extraordinaire. I attended her workshop with my fiancée and was astounded by the deep understanding she has of human sexuality. She knows what people crave, why people crave it, and how to help people create a fully satiating sex life for themselves. Because I'm sure you're all dying to dive into this fascinating topic, I asked Jaiya to answer some of the tough questions that we all want to know about having awesome sex. This is a can't miss an episode if you've ever wondered what it is that makes someone an awesome lover-and how you can tap into that power yourself. Whether you have a regular sex partner or not, there's valuable insight to be gleaned by everyone. Some of the tips to look forward to: - How to find out the pattern in what your lover wants to completely fulfill their sexual desires. - The triple treat-the fingering technique that will drive women crazy. - How to reignite passion into your relationship. - What a 40 day sex challenge is like. - How to feel comfortable admitting your deepest desires to your partner.