Episode 77 |

Changing Your Footwear for Improved Health and Comfort: Gordon Hay

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This Week’s Guest:

First, let me give you a little introduction to ALINE. This company is the foot services provider to ESPN’s summer and winter X Games, and has evaluated the lower body mechanics of over 100,000 diverse athletes ranging from Olympic medalists to NFL and PGA players. Fortunately for the rest of us, their alignment-changing products are easily available.


As co-founder, inventor, and creative visionary for ALINE, Gordon Hay is an expert in lower body mechanics. As a child, Gordon may have seemed an unlikely candidate for the role, thanks to his severe asthma. After overcoming the condition as a teenager, though, he jumped into extreme sports. Today, he has over 20 years of experience in inventing, patenting, and producing biomechanical technologies, and has received a board certification in pedorthics from the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Find Out More About Gordon Here:

@Hay_Gord on Twitter
ALINE Gordon Hay on Facebook
Gordon G. Hay on LinkedIn


In This Episode:

  • [02:16] – What’s the big problem — and the solution — with regards to how we stand, walk, run, and otherwise do everything on our feet?
  • [05:06] – You walk 2-3 million steps per year, which can lead to problems if you’re not walking properly. Gordon talks about this, revealing the problems with going barefoot, too much cushioning, and molded shoes or insoles.
  • [09:26] – We hear about Gordon’s background in sports, and how he started to get involved in the kind of work he does now.
  • [14:21] – How do you compensate for the differences between one person’s left and right feet?
  • [17:18] – Gordon produced the first round of a foot suspension system about a decade ago, he explains.
  • [21:50] – How do you diagnose your foot or alignment problems without having access to the laser device that Gordon brought to the Bulletproof conference?
  • [24:12] – Gordon talks about how to “get your guitar in tune,” as he puts it (in other words, to get your feet and legs working in harmony).
  • [26:20] – If someone wants to get diagnosed with Gordon’s laser device, how can they get that done?
  • [30:27] – Gordon offers some guidelines on when to worry about what you’re wearing on your feet.
  • [37:14] – We hear about ALINE’s options for kids, and Gordon shares his thoughts about the best time to start having your kids use these products.
  • [39:43] – Gordon talks about the shoes with wheels in the heels.
  • [41:01] – Are there ALINE options for high-heeled shoes? Not at the moment, Gordon answers.
  • [42:52] – Stephan talks about resistance stretching and the conversation he had about it with Luther Cowden.
  • [44:08] – Gordon responds by talking about Active Release Technique.
  • [48:00] – If you can’t use the foot suspension system, something really isn’t moving well and there’s a big problem. Gordon gives advice on how to use it and when to incorporate it into sports.
  • [49:22] – We hear about how footwear choices can change the appearance of your body.
  • [51:57] – Do you need to worry about what footwear you’re wearing if you’re sitting down?
  • [54:54] – Gordon talks about the products available at ALINE.


Get Optimized!

  1. Avoid using super-cushioned shoes or insoles, which Gordon compares to walking on a pile of marshmallows. These can disrupt foot function.
  2. Even though you shouldn’t use too much cushioning, don’t choose to go barefoot instead. We didn’t evolve to walk on paved surfaces, so our feet aren’t equipped to handle them.
  3. Don’t fall into the trap of using molded shoes or insoles. Your feet need to be able to move, not forced to stay in one position.




Links and Resources:

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Gordon G. Hay on LinkedIn
ALINE Systems
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