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From Debilitating Helplessness to Life Mastery: Jay Fiset

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This Week’s Guest:

Many of us go through life feeling like we’re victims of circumstance and have no control over our world. This can lead to feeling hurt, angry, victimized, frustrated, and inclined to lay blame on others. This feeling of victimization is as natural as breathing, but that doesn’t mean it’s a positive force in our lives. Instead, living a fulfilled life comes from a place of accountability and responsibility instead of blame or victimhood.

Here to explain this (and more) in clear detail is Jay Fiset. Jay is the founder of Mastermind to Millions and author of the bestselling book Reframe Your Blame, which he’ll give listeners for free in this episode! Jay has trained over 40,000 people in his quest to help others develop their gifts and consciously create better lives and careers. Today, we go into depth about reframing your blame, the importance of accountability, why it’s so vital to surround yourself with the right people, and how to do so.

Find Out More About Jay Here:

Jay Fiset
Jay Fiset on LinkedIn
Jay Fiset on Facebook
@jayfiset on Twitter


In This Episode:

  • [01:45] – Jay talks about reframing your blame, and explains why he considered the related book to be one of the most important works he has created.
  • [03:09] – How do you reframe your mindset and get out of the trap of thinking you’re the victim of your circumstances?
  • [05:48] – Jay returns to the topic of releasing victimization. He shares a story about a time that he himself fell into the trap of victimhood.
  • [09:58] – How can listeners get Jay’s free gift, which is a copy of his book Reframe Your Blame? You can get your copy at this link!
  • [11:47] – Stephan discusses how to replace this victim mentality with accountability and responsibility. He shares a story of his own to offer an example of being cause in the matter.
  • [13:53] – Jay steps in to pursue a further distinction.
  • [15:10] – The action is important, but the true distinction of whether we’re being accountable versus victimized is how we feel in the action, Jay explains.
  • [19:03] – If Jay were in the position of the woman he has just described as an example of victimhood, how would he behave differently?
  • [21:42] – One of Jay’s parenting ground rules is that complaining and whining eliminate the possibility of support.
  • [22:53] – Jay clarifies the difference between accountability and agreements.
  • [25:22] – We learn about other ways of reframing that Jay uses aside from what he has just discussed.
  • [29:04] – What would be a way to distinguish our stories from the reality, data, or truth?
  • [31:58] – Jay talks more about masterminds and explains how his own mastermind-related company came to exist. He then talks about the upcoming Mastermind to Millions event in Phoenix.
  • [36:33] – Stephan describes the incredible impact that masterminds have had on his life, including allowing him to find his soulmate.
  • [40:19] – Jay talks about Jaiya’s sexual blueprint quiz, which he strongly recommends taking. Stephan then points out that masterminds don’t need to cost a lot of money, and can in fact be free.
  • [42:28] – Why did the free mastermind that Stephan has just been talking about disband?
  • [45:32] – Stephan explains the difference in quality between free and paid masterminds. When you pay, you pay attention, he points out.
  • [49:42] – Jay puts what Stephan has been saying into the context of their earlier conversation.
  • [52:43] – What are some of Jay’s favorite programs that people might not have heard of?
  • [54:34] – Jay discusses his biggest current challenge, which is that his work travel schedule is too intensive.
  • [57:26] – Stephan talks about his recent conversations with Christian Mickelsen and Loral Langemeier, both of whom have masterminds.
  • [59:41] – Jay shares a recent story about a couple he met who were disappointed in the masterminds they tried. He then offers a piece of advice for listeners.
  • [62:11] – Jay lists the websites where you can find him and his free gifts once more.


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Jay Fiset on LinkedIn
Jay Fiset on Facebook
@jayfiset on Twitter
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