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Demystifying the Process of Seduction: Ross Jeffries

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This Week’s Guest:

Imagine if all it took to seduce a beautiful, brilliant woman in a cafe was some creativity with a simple packet of sugar. What if that common “I have a boyfriend refrain” was the beginning of a lasting interaction rather than the ending to a quick one? You’ll be able to turn these scenarios into reality using techniques from today’s conversation.


Ross Jeffries, a self-proclaimed “attraction engineer,” has been called the godfather of the pickup artist community. As he’ll explain in this episode, the techniques he teaches are valuable not only for seducing women, but for influencing, persuading, and inspiring almost anyone — even yourself. I attended one of his workshops in 2010 and can personally vouch for the power of his techniques.


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In This Episode:

  • [02:58] – What is a pick up artist, and why would somebody want to learn the art of seduction if they’re geeky and socially awkward, and having trouble getting dates?
  • [05:33] – Ross explains that he’s madly in love with language and its power to transform people and influence others.
  • [07:47] – When someone says “none” or “always,” your ears should perk up, Ross points out.
  • [08:42] – Stephan brings up the idea of beliefs being empowering or disempowering. Ross offers insight into how to reshape these beliefs through the mastery of language.
  • [10:46] – Ross lists some other self-help tools that he recommends.
  • [12:50] – We hear about Ross’ teacher, Shinzen Young. Ross recommends his book, The Science of Enlightenment, and reveals that Shinzen made meditation available to him.
  • [15:44] – Ross talks about how listeners can hack the system so that they show up more powerfully. He explains that love, attraction, and desire aren’t things, or qualities within you, but rather activities that arise inside the neurology of a woman you’re seducing.
  • [20:33] – Nothing Ross presents is “True,” he explains. Instead, it’s only a map. After explaining this, he walks listeners through the four levels of a woman’s mind. He also offers an outline of his technique for creating a chain of suggestions in a woman’s mind.
  • [25:30] – Ross points out that he’s discussing a phenomenon that actually occurs at parties.
  • [26:08] – What would Ross say to someone who’s listening and thinking, “Wow, this is really evil manipulation”? He explains that he sees what he does as elegant rather than evil, because it’s all about intent.
  • [28:09] – Stephan expands on what Ross said about intent, and then Ross points out that he sees it as evening the playing field before talking about a very recent breakup.
  • [31:45] – What we’re doing is demystifying the process of seduction, Stephan explains.
  • [32:34] – What are some key things that would be illuminating for listeners who are trying to figure out where they stand with someone?
  • [34:24] – Guys are often so into their internal dialogue that they’re unable to calibrate what’s going on with the woman in front of them, Ross explains.
  • [37:17] – Stephan brings up a book recommendation from Ross: Provocative Hypnosis by Jørgen Rasmussen. He brings up a particular story from the book that had a powerful impact on him.
  • [39:49] – Ross asks Stephan whether he used the techniques he learned after taking Ross’ class.
  • [40:36] – Stephan brings up a story that he had read about Ross before meeting him. Ross then expands on the story, and he and Stephan talk about anchoring and rewiring habits.
  • [45:18] – What would be some habits that Ross would recommend for listeners?
  • [47:24] – Ross takes a moment to define what “trance” means for listeners who may not be familiar with the term.
  • [52:04] – Stephan asks for an example of what Ross means by saying “the most flexible frame wins.”
  • [54:32] – What are other potential responses to use when a woman says that she already has a boyfriend?
  • [58:00] – Ross offers listeners a completely free video training. You can get it by texting the word RJGIFT to the number 44222 or by going to seduction.com/free.


Links and Resources:

@RossJeffries on Twitter
Ross Jeffries on Facebook
Speed Seduction on Facebook
Speed Seduction
Tony Robbins
The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young
Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp
Provocative Hypnosis by Jørgen Rasmussen
The Game by Neil Strauss



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