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Detox at the Cellular Level with Dr. Dan Pompa

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This Week’s Guest:

Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease, a thyroid condition, digestive issues, or an unexplained illness? Or maybe you just have conditions that you’ve come to consider normal, such as chronic fatigue, trouble losing weight, or brain fog. Surprisingly, the same treatment can often resolve these conditions and many more. It all has to do with healing your cells. There are five R’s involved in the process: remove the source of toxins, regenerate the cell membrane, restore cellular energy, reduce cellular inflammation, and re-establish methylation.


Dr. Dan Pompa joins me in this conversation to dig into cell healing through the five R road map. We’ll also discuss many other topics that will be fascinating to anyone with health concerns or an interest in biohacking. Dr. Dan is the creator of the True Cellular Detox, and an educator to doctors focused on his multi-therapeutic approach, which consists of fasting, diet variation (including feast and famine cycles), and more.

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True Cellular Detox

In This Episode:

  • [02:09] – Dr. Dan talks about how to improve your ability to fight off the various environmental toxins that we’re bombarded with.
  • [04:11] – How is the idea of cellular health different from the traditional approach that people are taking?
  • [06:14] – Dr. Dan uses the thyroid as a great example of how complicated bodily feedback mechanisms are.
  • [08:48] – Would Dr. Dan say that everybody needs to take some sort of supplement and address toxicity levels, or should we get fully screened first before knowing whether we should take some kind of action?
  • [12:57] – Dr. Dan shares his thoughts on the product Restore, and his recommendations for probiotics.
  • [15:10] – We hear whether Dr. Dan recommends whether people have silver fillings replaced with white fillings.
  • [18:29] – Stephan had his fillings removed a year ago; is it now too late for him to avoid the negative effects?
  • [24:06] – Dr. Dan talks about whether someone can use a program independently or whether they should work with a practitioner.
  • [26:27] – What is Dr. Dan’s take on vaccines?
  • [32:18] – We learn Dr. Dan’s thoughts on root canals in terms of their potential impact on our health.
  • [35:21] – Stephan shares his own experience with having teeth extracted.
  • [40:00] – Dr. Dan talks about his thoughts on, and personal experiences with, stem cell therapy.
  • [42:40] – Dr. Dan shares the five R’s of the road map to cellular healing.
  • [49:08] – Where can listeners take the next step and get treatment from a coach trained by Dr. Dan?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Become aware of the different kinds of toxins in my environment. Prevention is always better than cure.

☑ Go on a recommended regular detox but make sure to detox at a cellular level.

☑ Research cellular wellness and find out how cell repair and therapy can actually solve my health issues.

☑ Take care of my overall health. Pay special attention to my liver and kidneys since they deal with my body’s toxins.

☑ Consult with my doctor about my symptoms and health history before taking tests and getting blood work done. Determine which test to take before receiving treatment.

☑ Evaluate what I breathe in and apply to my body. Avoid harmful toxins in my environment, products, and food.

☑ Be careful with what I expose my kids to. Children are more prone to toxicity because of their weaker immune system.

☑ Go all-natural. Read labels and search for ingredients that I can’t read or pronounce correctly. These ingredients are rarely good for my body.

☑ Regularly clean my house, especially areas where mold grows. Removing mold will help me avoid airborne toxins that can enter my respiratory system.

☑ Take the next step and get treatment from a coach trained by Dr. Dan at www.drpompa.com


S: Health starts at the cellular level. In this episode number 152, you’re going to learn all about the 5Rs to healing the cell. These are; remove the source of toxins, regenerate the cell membrane, restore cellular energy, reduce cellular inflammation, and reestablish methylation. This approach has become an answer to such conditions as chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, thyroid conditions, brain fog, digestive issues, and other diseases and unexplainable illnesses, as well as biohackers wanting to take their functional performance to another level. Our guest today is Dr. Dan Pompa. He is creator of the ‎True Cellular Detox and educator to doctors focused on his multi-therapeutic approach which consists of fasting, diet variations which include feast and famine cycles, as well as this 5R roadmap to fixing the cell. Dr. Dan, it’s great to have you on the show.


D: Oh, thanks for having me.


S: Let’s talk about how to improve your ability to fight off these various environmental toxins that we’re bombarded with. It just seems like it’s coming from everywhere––the air, the water, the food, the waves to the EMFs––everything is just an assault on our immune system. What do you recommend as the best practices for people to boost their immune system or to fight off these toxins that are hitting us?


D: I think people are becoming more aware of toxicity being a reason they don’t feel well. There’s more and more studies showing that it’s linked to diabetes, basically every hormone condition, thyroid, even why people can’t lose weight despite exercising and eating a perfect diet. Toxins are at the root of this stuff and autoimmune, we can keep going down the list. However, the problem is that most people are looking too far downstream with it. I just recently went into Whole Foods and literally took a picture from the ceiling, if you will, all the way to the floor, and a whole section, 4 feet by whatever, 8 feet, it was all detox product. A few years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. But when you look at them closely, it’s the 10-day cleanse, 30-days cleanse, a week cleanse, whatever it is.


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