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Dismantling the Story That Runs Your Life with Pamela Bruner


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This Week’s Guest:

Have you ever felt that you’re unloveable or not good enough? We develop coping mechanisms to deal with these feelings. These coping strategies aren’t necessarily bad, but they don’t come from a secure or loving place. There are four types of limiting stories that we all tell ourselves. It’s only once we’ve identified our stories and coping mechanisms that we can move on.

If you’re ready to shed your limiting stories, you’ve come to the right place. Pamela Bruner is joining me to give you the tools to move beyond these stories and dismantle your coping mechanisms. Pamela is a business coach and speaker who really knows what she’s talking about. After working through her own limiting beliefs, she built a business with profits of over $1 million in less than three years. Pamela is also the co-author of Tapping Into Ultimate Success: How to Overcome Any Obstacle and Skyrocket Your Results and the founder of Real Social Media Success, a digital marketing agency.


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In This Episode:

  • [03:09] – Pamela started creating models to explain business growth, and shares one thing that cuts across all levels of business.
  • [05:15] – What are the most common mindset blocks or limitations that Pamela comes across? In her answer, she talks about the four limiting stories that all of us have in some combination.
  • [09:17] – Pamela discusses a coping mechanism that she had in response to feeling that she wasn’t lovable.
  • [10:27] – Stephan’s limiting story is the “not good enough” story, he explains, and digs into how this has been the case for him.
  • [12:34] – What does Pamela think Stephan’s coping mechanism would be in his situation? She turns the question around, encouraging him to explore the answer to this himself.
  • [17:02] – Pamela moves into discussing what you should do about your limiting stories and the resulting coping mechanisms once you recognize them.
  • [20:25] – What Pamela has been saying reminds Stephan of one of Byron Katie’s four questions, which is, “what would life be like if this thought didn’t exist?”
  • [22:10] – Pamela uses her business as an example of moving beyond one’s limiting story and the resulting coping mechanisms. Stephan then connects Pamela’s strategy to a Kabbalah concept.
  • [25:27] – Another coping mechanism that Pamela sees is hard work. She then points out that whatever comes up when you’re tired or low on resources is probably part of your coping strategy.
  • [27:48] – Pamela shares a way to have a conversation with the critical little voice inside and transform it into something more useful.
  • [30:54] – Stephan heard a similar analogy a few weeks ago at the Bulletproof Conference.
  • [33:42] – We learn that Stephan is also a fan of EFT through a story he shares about his experiences in being able to do things that he had previously been terrified of.
  • [36:13] – How did Pamela end up getting a book deal with Jack Canfield?
  • [39:11] – Pamela discusses the fact that she did most of the writing on the book she co-wrote with Jack Canfield, and reveals that she enjoyed collaborating with him.
  • [39:55] – Pamela talks about her journey from $375 a month to a million dollars in less than three years.
  • [42:57] – We hear about Pamela’s experience with joint venture partners.
  • [43:55] – How often does Pamela tap, and is she doing her own tapping or working with a coach?
  • [44:57] – Pamela has a short video series called Tapping to Double Your Income, which you can find at this link!
  • [45:53] – Are there any other contributors to success that Pamela wants to share with listeners?
  • [48:22] – Stephan offers Pamela the opportunity to list any specific tools that she has found to be helpful.


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