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Finding God in Quantum Physics with Amit Goswami

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This Week’s Guest:

We live in a world where much of science insists that the world is limited to its physical, measurable aspects, and that there is nothing supernatural beyond that. Mystics, on the other hand, largely ignore the role of science and try to explain the world purely through spirituality. It’s all too rare to combine science and spirituality in a compelling way, but that’s exactly what we’re going to explore in this episode. We’ll go down the rabbit hole to a place where quantum physics, consciousness, and mysticism all meet.


Our guide into this fascinating and unknown realm is the remarkable Dr. Amit Goswami. Amit is a theoretical quantum physicist and a retired full professor from the University of Oregon’s Department of Physics. He pioneered the idea of “science within consciousness,” which he explores in The Self-Aware Universe. Amit is also a prolific author and has appeared in several films and documentaries. In his private life, Amit is a practitioner of spirituality and transformation.

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In This Episode:

  • [02:10] – How did Amit end up on What the Bleep Do We Know!?? He answers, then talks about other aspects of the film.
  • [05:27] – We hear about how quantum physics proves the existence of God.
  • [09:23] – Stephan responds to Amit’s explanation and digs into what he has learned about oneness.
  • [12:16] – Amit talks about a profound experience he had with oneness in 1976.
  • [15:47] – There are four stages to the creative process, Amit explains.
  • [18:23] – We learn from Stephan that the process of awakening is a permanent biological change to your brain. He then shares his own profound and lasting experience with awakening in India.
  • [21:08] – Is there any connection between what Stephan has described and Amit’s be-do-be-do process to getting a quantum leap?
  • [24:29] – Amit fills us in on the university that he’s planning, explaining that he and two associates will teach the first year. He also talks about the planned quantum village experience.
  • [28:40] – Who is the target audience for Amit’s university?
  • [30:13] – We go back to a concept that Amit touched on earlier: the idea of an archetype, which Stephan first learned about from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. Amit then talks about his use of archetypes.
  • [34:15] – How is quantum enlightenment different from what people have traditionally heard of as enlightenment?
  • [39:51] – Amit talks about whether the kind of flow that he’s describing is the same kind of flow that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described?
  • [43:41] – We hear about the observer effect and how it relates to spirituality.
  • [47:09] – Stephan relates what Amit has been saying about expansion leading to happiness to something that he has been learning.
  • [54:22] – Is it possible to measure chakras, auras, and so on with scientific validation?
  • [59:30] – Where can people go to learn more about Amit and his work?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Create urgency when it comes to finding answers in my life. If I am going to embark on a journey of enlightenment, I should be ready and driven enough for that transformation.  

☑ Develop a deeper sense of meaning with the help of quantum physics. This will help me rationalize my spiritual and godly beliefs.

☑ Find the “why” in my transformation. I shouldn’t start my journey until I determine my true purpose and goal.

☑ Have an open mind towards others types of philosophies if I truly want an eye-opening journey into my spiritual self. God is more of an experience than a belief.

☑ Regularly meditate to remain in a conscious state. It can be my preference of chanting a mantra, deep contemplation, prayer, or other meditative activities.

☑ Be creative when connecting to oneness. Go out of my comfort zone, explore new places and experience new things.  

☑ Don’t get too attached to worldly and material things. Focus on my quality of life and my happiness.

☑ Undergo spiritual transformation not just for myself but also for those around me. Let my newly developed profoundness improve the lives of others.

☑ Take note of the 9 fundamental archetypes that develop a human being: love, truth, duty, justice, wholeness, goodness, power, abundance, and self.

☑ Check out Dr. Goswami’s workshops and start my journey of transformation at www.quantumactivism.org  


S: In this episode number 151, we’re going down the rabbit hole where quantum physics meets consciousness and mysticism, frankly. Our guide into this mysterious unknown is Dr. Amit Goswami. He’s a Theoretical Quantum Physicist, a retired full professor from the University of Oregon’s Department of Physics. He’s also a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called Science within Consciousness. An idea he explicated in his seminal book, The Self-Aware Universe where he also solved the quantum measurement problem elucidating the famous observer effect. Dr. Goswami is also the author of The Visionary Window, Physics of the Soul, The Quantum Doctor, Creative Evolution, God Is Not Dead, Quantum Creative, Quantum Economics, and The Everything Answer Book. In his private life, Goswami is a practitioner of spirituality and transformation. He calls himself a Quantum Activist. He appeared in the film, What the Bleep Do We Know!? and it’s sequel, Down the Rabbit Hole, as well as a documentaries, Dalai Lama Renaissance, and the award-winning, The Quantum Activist. Dr. Amit, it’s great to have you on the show.


A: Wonderful to be on the show.


S: I would love to, first of all, get a sense for what transpired to get you on the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? I love that movie. I remember seeing that for the first time shortly after it came out and I just thought that was the coolest movie. It’s so great that you were on it. How did that come about?


A: I got a call from Betsy Chasse who was a producer of the movie saga when she was the one who was contacting all these scientists. She called me and said, “This movie is a message of quantum physics and since you were one of the pioneers, we would like to interview you.” Of course, I said yes and that’s how the three of them, the director, the money guy and Betsy, teamed up and they did a fantastic interview, I guess.


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