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Finding a Higher Level Consciousness Through Extreme Biohacking and Spirituality, Part 1 of 2 with Luke Storey

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This Week’s Guest:

Most of us stop believing in Santa Claus when we’re children. But what if believing in him as an adult enhanced (rather than detracted from) our lives? Because we are fundamentally unable to access ultimate truth, we shouldn’t think of our beliefs as true or false. Rather, we should view our beliefs as either empowering or disempowering. Choosing empowering beliefs leads to an empowered life!


Luke Storey explores this concept as well as many others in an episode that is a fascinating combination of biohacking and spirituality. We’ll talk about extreme higher-level consciousness topics as well as extreme self-experimentation. In addition to being a master in both of these realms, Luke is the host of the Life Stylist Podcast. In fact, he was one of the first guests on the Optimized Geek in an episode about fashion. Talking to him about biohacking and spirituality was fascinating and this is one of my favorite episodes. I think it’ll be one of your favorites too!


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In This Episode:

  • [02:23] – Luke talks about how he and Stephan met, which was by being part of Neil Strauss’ mastermind The Society. Stephan then talks about how he got involved in the group.
  • [07:14] – The weekend at the intensive Luke has been talking about was the catalyst to Luke living what he believes is his true purpose.
  • [11:09] – We hear about Luke’s shift away from fashion, which he did for 17 years. In hindsight, he can’t believe he didn’t quit much sooner.
  • [15:08] – Stephan talks about the importance of getting the right wardrobe and understanding basic fashion principles, using himself as an example of a transformation.
  • [16:33] – Luke isn’t quite sure how to categorize himself or what to call himself, since he works in the health, wellness, and biohacking space but is more deeply invested in the inner work of spiritual growth and learning spiritual principles.
  • [20:16] – Luke still does some consulting in terms of personal style.
  • [22:32] – We learn that Stephan had a moment of realization at a Tony Robbins event when he participated in the fire walk.
  • [25:52] – Luke responds to the way Stephan has been framing a particular concept. He likes the idea of keeping most of one’s attention in the stillness and present moment, while staying a little bit grounded.
  • [27:59] – Stephan recommends setting aside the desire to seek the Truth, and instead focusing on what is empowering (rather than disempowering). He and Luke then talk about the benefit of going for what yields results.
  • [31:04] – Luke discusses the polarization of the world and our culture. He also points out the importance of being able to admit it and adjust when you’ve been wrong about something.
  • [34:41] – Stephan responds to Luke’s points with a quote from Dan Sullivan.
  • [36:00] – Recently, Luke listened to Jack Canfield on Oprah’s podcast. He shares his thoughts on Jack Canfield, including his brief thought of wondering why Jack still works so hard when he must be very financially well-off.
  • [39:36] – After having talked about recycling, Luke points out that he feels guilty about not having a good system for recycling used electronics and batteries.
  • [40:44] – Stephan shares a story that Tony Robbins tells about deciding who was going to pay for a meal.
  • [43:08] – Luke doesn’t know a lot about Kabbalah, but was very struck by the book Becoming Like God by Michael Berg.
  • [46:29] – For the last part of the episode, we move onto the topic of biohacking. Luke digs into the topic of EMFs and offers advice on how to minimize your exposure.
  • [51:48] – Stephan started taking EMFs seriously at the recent Bulletproof Conference after he saw how dedicated Dr. Mercola is to avoiding them.
  • [52:48] – Luke shares more of his thoughts on EMFs, including that in this age you’ll inevitably be exposed to some of them. He also describes more habits he’s changed to minimize his exposure.
  • [58:54] – Where can people find Luke if they want to work with him?


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