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Finding a Higher Level Consciousness Through Extreme Biohacking and Spirituality, Part 2 of 2 with Luke Storey

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This Week’s Guest:

If you’re a faithful Optimized Geek listener, you’ve probably already heard my recent conversation with Luke Storey. Luke, who hosts the Life Stylist Podcast, was already a recurring guest on the show. He originally joined me to talk about fashion in one of my very  first episodes. In our more recent conversation, we discussed extreme biohacking, spirituality, and how this combination can lead to a higher level of consciousness.


Today, Luke generously joins me for a third time to talk about lots of great new topics that we didn’t cover in his first two episodes. We’ll spend quite a bit of time digging into the fascinating strengths of personality assessments, and why you (and just about everyone in your life) should take them. We also cover imposter syndrome, disempowering beliefs, sleep hacks, kinds of light, health gadgets, and so much more!


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In This Episode:

  • [02:44] – Stephan asks about something that Luke touched on in the previous episode: that he had a sordid past. Luke and Stephan then discuss disempowering beliefs, and Luke explains some of how his mind works.
  • [07:07] – Luke jokes about needing friends like Stephan, who is willing to call him out and challenge him. He and Stephan talk about different kinds of memory.
  • [11:39] – We learn about StrengthsFinder, which Luke and Stephan have both mentioned already in this conversation.
  • [14:47] – Luke tells us what his top five strengths are according to StrengthsFinder, and goes into more detail about what some of them mean.
  • [18:50] – Luke’s fifth top strength is being a relater, which is in alignment with what he does professionally. He also talks about the potential benefits of understanding other people’s top five strengths.
  • [22:38] – Stephan suggests that listeners buy the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book to get the StrengthsFinder code and then go take the test.
  • [27:02] – For Stephan, Luke’s mention of getting people in the right seat on the bus reminds him of the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. He and Luke then talk about another kind of assessment.
  • [32:18] – Luke was recently in New York City; he shares a story about something that happened to him there.
  • [34:28] – How did Stephan learn to catch people’s unproductive words about themselves?
  • [38:32] – Luke flips the interview around by asking Stephan what have been the most meaningful tactical things he has applied when learning to observe one’s speech and thoughts?
  • [41:00] – We learn that Luke has an affirmation on the mirror that he reads to himself every morning.
  • [44:13] – Stephan returns to the topic of the DiSC Profile to wrap up that part of the conversation.
  • [46:44] – Luke found the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks to be very useful in his journey.
  • [49:04] – What are some of Luke’s favorite sleep hacks? In his answer, he discusses temperature, light, and noise.
  • [53:31] – Luke discusses how he tracks whether he’s sleeping well.
  • [57:14] – We learn that Luke doesn’t take sleep supplements now, but used to make what he called “knockout punch.” He also talks in depth about different kinds of light.
  • [65:52] – Stephan recommends a couple other episodes that listeners should check out.
  • [66:54] – Luke talks about f.lux as opposed to Iris. The consensus, he says, is that f.lux doesn’t do enough and Iris is superior.
  • [71:11] – Stephan offers a couple closing resources to listeners, with suggestions for earlier Optimized Geek episodes to listen to.


Links and Resources:

Your Checklist Actions to Take

☑ Get rid of negative and disempowering thoughts. Instead, focus on my strengths and how to improve my skills.

☑ Pay attention to my peer group. Consider finding a new one with people who can challenge, influence, and mentor me to become better.

☑ Find out what my strengths are with StrengthsFinder 2.0. Knowing my strengths can help me determine how to be more productive in the workplace.

☑ Get to know my personality type in detail with the help of Myers-Briggs and Disc. These tests can give me information on how external and internal factors affect me as a person.

☑ Determine what influences me to take action with the Kolbe Assessment. This will help me understand how I handle to do lists from little tasks to big projects.

☑ Use these tests on job applicants and existing employees. This will help me decide where they fit in my company based on their strengths and personalities.

☑ Find a mastermind group that will help me reach my highest potential. Share it with others to help more people work on self-improvement.

☑ Prioritize self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance this year.

☑ Show up with a powerful intention to important events in my life. Believe in the law of attraction where a powerful intention gets a powerful outcome.


S: Welcome to Episode 128, and boy do we have a treat for you. We’re gonna cover personality assessments, imposter syndrome, sleep hacks, health gadgets, and a ton more. Out guest today is Luke Storey, this is a part two episode. If you haven’t already listened to part 1 which is Episode 126, turn this off and listen to that episode first. If you have already, welcome back. Luke Storey is the co-founder and CEO of School of Style. He’s the host of The Lifestylist Podcast which recently exceeded one million downloads–a huge milestone–congrats, Luke, and he’s a biohacker. Luke is on a mission to design the ultimate lifestyle through obsessive and downright extreme self-experimentation. Now, without further adieu, onto the show. Luke, it’s great to have you back for part two.


L: I’m stoked dude. There’s never enough time whether I’m the guest on a podcast or the host. I tend to run out of minutes. I’m glad we got to come back and do some more.


S: Yeah, I really want to get into the biohacking stuff. We had such a great conversation in part one. Listeners, if you heard part one, listen to it again. It’s that good. If you haven’t heard part one at all definitely go and listen to it. Stop listening to this recording. Go to part one with Luke and just enjoy that and then come back. Assuming everybody has listened to part one and they’ve gotten their dose of all the stuff about authenticity versus being vulnerable, the EMFs and that sort of stuff. What else did we talk about? We talked about the 99%, the 1%, the physical realm versus the spiritual realm. We talked about mindfulness. One thing that you touched on and I really wanna delve into, I don’t know, you tell me where the line is, because we’ll go as far as you wanna go and not any further. You had mentioned, just in passing, in the previous episode that you had a sorted past. I got really intrigued. I wanna hear how sorted it was. Continue reading…


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