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Getting Clear About Your Calling with Jeffrey Van Dyk


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This Week’s Guest:

Each and every one of us has wounding childhood experiences, which are fundamentally confusing at their core. From an evolutionary standpoint, we’re unable to blame our parents, which leads us to blame ourselves. As a result, we can feel unworthy, unlovable, inferior, and unwanted. These feelings set us up for an epic battle that can last for the rest of our lives; the battle of yourself versus your beliefs.


If you’re ready to overcome that battle and step into your life’s legacy, this is the episode for you! My guest, Jeffrey Van Dyk, is both an insightful expert in personal development and a powerful, inspiring speaker. Jeffrey is a renowned strategist and guide who has impacted hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide through his online programs, in-person programs, and powerful speeches. You are destined for greatness, and Jeffrey will help you get there!


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In This Episode:

  • [01:29] – Jeffrey mentions the series of breakthroughs that it has taken for him to reach where he is today.
  • [04:06] – We hear more about what Jeffrey means about working from the inside out. He also reveals that he was at battle with himself when he began in the personal development field.
  • [06:57] – How, exactly, does the active imagination journaling that Jeffrey has been talking about work?
  • [12:17] – Jeffrey digs into the topic of feeling unworthy, which can lead people to self-sabotage or fall into a sense of worthlessness. He also discusses wounding experiences and why they lead to us blaming ourselves.
  • [17:43] – Stephan steps in to clarify: your whole life is driven by and patterned around childhood wounds, such as the specific example that Jeffrey mentioned. Jeffrey then points out why siblings with similar experiences may have different responses.
  • [20:34] – In the first half of life, we seek to get confirmation of our own value externally. The spiritual journey, though, reveals that you’ll never get that externally and need to find it within yourself.
  • [21:27] – What’s the opposite of a wound-driven operating system?
  • [23:28] – Stephan relates what Jeffrey has been saying to his own study of Kabbalah.
  • [26:28] – Jeffrey responds to Stephan’s description of Kabbalistic steps. He then offers an image involving finding treasure on a beach to describe his viewpoint.
  • [29:32] – Jeffrey uses a tool called somatic presencing with his clients. He describes how this works and walks us through its steps.
  • [34:17] – Step Four of Jeffrey’s process reminds Stephan of something he learned from monks in India, as he describes here.
  • [34:53] – Jeffrey shares a story of his own related to the concept Stephan mentioned of letting the tiger devour you.
  • [40:14] – Stephan points out that the things you’re pushing away and avoiding can reveal the path forward.
  • [41:52] – We learn about Jeffrey’s event Called to Lead. Stephan then describes what about being on TV feels so different from being on stage.
  • [45:42] – Jeffrey asks Stephan a question about what, specifically, his fear about being on live TV involves.
  • [48:17] – The part of what Jeffrey has been saying that resonates most with Stephan is the part about failure. He explains why this is the case.
  • [52:15] – Where can people find out more about Jeffrey or get in touch with him?


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