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Hacking Your EMF Exposure for Improved Health and Longevity with Brian Hoyer

Today, Brian Hoyer joins me for an in-depth discussion on EMFs and their health effects. He uses EMF shielding as a primary tool in his wellness practice, and has toured the country doing workshops. In the last year alone, he did EMF inspections in over a hundred homes. In our conversation, he’ll explain what EMFs are, why they’re such a problem, and how you can take steps to reduce exposure and heal yourself.

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This Week’s Guest:

Let’s start things off with a few questions. Do you ever keep your phone in your pocket for convenience? Do you talk with it against your face? Maybe most importantly: have you ever noticed the ultra-fine-print disclaimer in cell phone manuals that says to keep your phone a certain distance away from your body? The reason these questions matter is because having your phone too close to your body exposes you to electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Even if you’re already aware of EMFs and choose to use Bluetooth instead, you may still have a problem.


A few weeks ago, Luke Storey mentioned EMFs in our conversation on this podcast. We only got a few minutes to talk about them, though, and I want to make sure you get the whole picture! Brian Hoyer joins me today for an in-depth discussion on EMFs and their health effects. Brian uses EMF shielding as a primary tool in his wellness practice, and has toured the country doing workshops. In the last year alone, he did EMF inspections in over a hundred homes. In our conversation, he’ll explain what EMFs are, why they’re such a problem, and how you can take steps to reduce exposure and heal yourself.


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Shielded Healing


In This Episode:

  • [02:50] – There are a lot of people who have misunderstandings about EMFs, Brian explains. He takes a moment to explain what these misunderstandings are, and what the reality is.
  • [04:52] – What happens with non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, wifi, and so on? What parts of our body are affected?
  • [07:31] – Brian discusses whether there are certain frequencies that are more physically damaging than others.
  • [11:03] – We hear more about the potential impact of EMFs on newborn babies, specifically as it relates to baby monitors.
  • [14:06] – Brian opts out of getting scanned at the airport, choosing to be patted down instead. He explains why.
  • [17:07] – Stephan points out that we can’t trust big companies to be looking out for our health when it comes to EMFs. Brian then talks about a frequently unnoticed disclaimer that phone companies include in their manuals.
  • [19:53] – What does Brian do if he needs to take a cell phone call and doesn’t have his earbuds with him?
  • [21:52] – Brian talks about where he got the shielded pouch that he uses for his phone. Image is shown below. 
  • [23:00] – Would it be better to use a landline with a cord than a cell phone or a cordless phone, if you have that option?
  • [25:04] – We learn about whether we can reduce our exposure to EMFs in the environment.
  • [30:17] – Stephan and Brian discuss what to do to make the bedroom a “safe cave” for eight or more hours of nightly healing therapy.
  • [34:36] – How much does the special paint that Brian has been describing cost?
  • [37:32] – Brian shares some of the ways he handles day-to-day life, pointing out that the data on your phone doesn’t always need to be turned on.
  • [40:09] – Brian recommends using an iPhone ethernet adapter.
  • [40:52] – In terms of EMFs, how are hotel rooms in comparison to the average home? He then explains the solution he’s working on coming up with for traveling.
  • [43:27] – We hear about the types of conferences that Brian goes to.
  • [43:54] – Brian discusses magnetic field exposure, which he explains is linked to several serious diseases. He also talks about the home assessments he does.
  • [47:21] – Last year alone, Brian did about a hundred EMF home assessments.
  • [48:00] – What frequencies are the most problematic ones? It varies from person to person, Brian answers.
  • [51:03] – Brian shares some of the incredible ways in which fixing your bedroom can improve your overall health.
  • [56:33] – Stephan launches into a lightning round with quick questions for Brian. First: what do we do if we’re hooked up to smart meters for electricity?
  • [57:54] – If you want to reduce your exposure, wouldn’t it be better to get the smart meter out of there and replace it with another meter?
  • [58:56] – Should we stop using electric toothbrushes? How about hair dryers? What about a blender to make a healthy smoothie in the morning?
  • [61:40] – In terms of EMF exposure, should people avoid using microwaves?
  • [63:16] – Is using dimmer switches on your light a good thing or a bad thing?
  • [64:04] – We reach the last lightning round question: what’s the impact of thermostats?
  • [65:17] – Brian addresses the topic of Bluetooth, which he recommends avoiding.
  • [67:13] – How can listeners get in touch with Brian to learn more or work with him for a home assessment?
Brian’s shielded pouch that he uses for his phone.

Links and Resources:


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Be more aware of how EMF can affect my health. Take time to learn about what its long-term effects are and what I can do to prevent them.


☑ Limit my time spent on and near my phone to avoid absorbing radiation waves.


☑ Keep my phone at least 5 centimeters from my ear when I’m talking to someone. Use earphones when I’m on a call.


☑ Turn my phone off or on airplane mode when the signal is very low. The further phones are away from towers, the more radiation they emit.


☑ Unplug the WiFi router, TV, microwave and anything that emits EMF before I go to sleep.


☑Get my house assessed by experts such as Geovital to measure the radiofrequency, micro voltage, microwave radiation and other electronic waves surrounding me.


☑ Avoid using baby monitors to reduce the risk of exposing children to EMFs at a very young age.


☑ Use OpenSignal, an app that locates the nearest tower, to get a clearer phone signal.


☑ Take KappArest, an antioxidant, to remediate the damaging effects of EMFs.


☑ Turn off my data when my phone is not in use. My phone uses data to search for signal and telecommunication activity even when I’m not using it.



S: In this episode number 132, we’re gonna cover EMFS. EMFs, electromagnetic fields are a credible threat to your health. You might recall we covered the dangers of EMFs in episode 126 with Luke Storey. Well, we’re gonna deep dive into EMFs and their health effects in this episode with Brian Hoyer. Brian is a functional nutritionist, kinesiologist, and geobiologist trained by GEOVITAL Academy, a 35 year old naturopathic clinic in Austria specializing in radiation protection and environmental medicine. EMF shielding is a primary tool in Brian’s wellness practice, used to optimize lasting improvements in the health of his clients. Brian built an EMF-shielded tiny house on wheels and toured the country doing workshops and EMFs inspections in over 100 homes. Brian, it’s great to have you on the show.


B: Yeah, thanks for having me. I’m excited to share what I have to share with your listeners.


S: Perfect. Let’s start with EMFs because I have a feeling that our listeners are not really up to speed on the impact, healthwise, on electromagnetic fields and radiation from everything from their cellphones, to the wi-fi routers, to everything is plugged into the wall sockets and they are just not aware. I wasn’t aware. It was the latest Bulletproof Biohacking Conference where I really got it that it’s important that we reduce our exposure. I was really surprised when speaking to Dr. Mercola after his keynote talk. He had a huge crowd of people around him to ask question. He made sure that nobody had their phone on except in airplane mode before they came close to him. I’m like, “Okay, if Dr. Mercola is that serious about EMF exposure, I need to pay attention to this.” I’m really glad that we met at the conference and that we’re gonna get to share some of this important information with our listeners.


B: Yeah. There’s a lot of people that have a misunderstanding about the whole electromagnetic radiation because there is this conventional idea out there that only ionizing radiation is damaging because it can damage your DNA and cause mutation, and everything with the nuclear radiation, and the gamma rays, and x rays and that sort of thing.

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