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How to Hack Your Brain with Chris Keane


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This Week’s Guest:

Imagine how profoundly and powerfully it would impact your life if you spent 40 years as a monk meditating on a mountaintop. There’s no doubt you would gain enlightenment, clarity, and train your brain to function in remarkable ways. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time to spend 40 years meditating. The good news is that there’s an incredible program that helps you reap many benefits of meditation in just five days.


Chris Keane is the chief technology officer at 40 Years of Zen and Biohacked. At both companies, he works with world-class experts to come up with technologies and strategies for increasing human performance and function. Chris is also an expert in issues surrounding blue light, and was instrumental in creating TrueDark technology as part of Biohacked’s mission to stop junk light. Tune in to learn how to get better sleep and hack your brain for increased performance!


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In This Episode:

  • [02:37] – Chris talks about 40 Years of Zen, which helps people accomplish in five days what a monk could do in 40 years.
  • [05:40] – What is different about the brain of a monk who has meditated on a mountaintop for 40 years, or someone with a super high-performing brain, compared to the rest of us?
  • [08:30] – Chris describes the experience of going into one of their neurofeedback pods for the first time.
  • [09:44] – On a practical level, what’s the result for someone who has gone through the five-day 40 Years of Zen process?
  • [12:52] – Chris talks about flow states, then explores his background in motorcycle racing and how that led to the work he does now.
  • [14:47] – Did Chris ever get hurt during his time doing motorcycle racing?
  • [16:12] – We hear more about what happens across the five days of Chris’ 40 Days of Zen program.
  • [18:38] – Chris has just mentioned having one moment that was the most magnificent moment of Chris’ life by far; what was that moment? He shares this powerful experience, and talks about the impact it has had on his life.
  • [25:15] – We hear more about how Chris’ magnificent moment changed his life, specifically his work relationships.
  • [26:11] – Stephan shares his own history with macro flow states and experiencing different realms of consciousness.
  • [28:53] – Does the 40 Years of Zen program carry over into the rest of your life, even months or years after going through the program?
  • [30:06] – Chris talks about sensory deprivation experiences and whether he thinks people tend to get value out of them.
  • [33:16] – Stephan talks about his powerful experience in a float tank at Just Float in Pasadena, CA.
  • [36:10] – One of the things that Chris has been looking at is using sensory deprivation tanks coupled with neurofeedback to boost ability to do neural programming.
  • [37:19] – Chris has already talked about alpha-wave flow states; are there also flow states in other kinds of brain waves?
  • [40:56] – Chris describes the difference between training for a delta state and lucid dreaming.
  • [41:35] – What is a specific example of a powerful breakthrough that came out of theta brainwave training for Chris?
  • [43:13] – Chris uses two types of EEG monitoring during the 40 Years of Zen program.
  • [45:12] – We hear about Chris’ experience with a SPECT scan.
  • [46:39] – Does Chris have any resources he wants to recommend to listeners in the area of neurofeedback, brain training, etc.?
  • [48:57] – We dive into the TrueDark side of things, with Chris going over the science behind the product.
  • [53:13] – Screens aren’t the only things that emit blue light, Chris explains. The light that comes out of a bright white LED light is all blue, for example.
  • [54:16] – Chris offers listeners a generous gift: 10% off the TrueDark glasses. To take advantage of this offer, go to biohacked.com/geek!
  • [55:02] – How did Chris and Dave Asprey decide to form a business together?
  • [56:57] – Chris explains how the TrueDark glasses work in terms of treating and reducing jet lag.
  • [59:18] – Using a smartphone in bed without taking steps to minimize the blue light is basically causing brain damage, Chris says.
  • [60:22] – Where can interested listeners go through the 40 Years of Zen process, or find the TrueDark glasses?


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