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Learn NLP From the World’s Greatest Hypnotist and Human Lie Detector Mike Mandel

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This Week’s Guest:

There’s a single trait in your handwriting that may indicate how likely you are to be a felon. In fact, the correlation is so strong that around 80% of imprisoned felons demonstrate this trait in their writing. But this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of crime if you happen to form your written words a certain way. Instead, consciously changing your handwriting has been shown to change your personality accordingly.


Here to explain this fascinating fact and much, much more is Mike Mandel, an NLP expert and trainer. Mike is intimately familiar with topics such as hypnosis, influence, and handwriting analysis, with 6 awards and 18 nominations to support the fact that he really knows what he’s talking about this episode. He’ll teach you tricks of persuasion and tools for understanding yourself and others. So listen to this episode, because you’re going out tomorrow. (And to learn how powerful that sentence construction can be, even when it doesn’t make logical sense.)


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Mike’s podcast
Mike on YouTube
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In This Episode:

  • [01:24] – Stephan shares a quick story about his first meeting with Mike, who then explains more about what he did during the incident in question.
  • [06:51] – Mike explains how he can use the techniques he’s been describing in real life rather than in the particular situation he’s talked about.
  • [08:07] – Mike discusses the patterns of eye movements and what these can indicate about a person’s thinking patterns.
  • [11:37] – We learn more about the trick of having someone tell a story backwards to see whether it’s true. Mike then offers another tip for detecting lies.
  • [13:16] – About 80% of people in the American penitentiary system have a trait in common in their handwriting. Mike then tells a story about reading a postcard from his late father and finding a deceit in it.
  • [16:40] – Does eliminating negative traits in your handwriting make you a better person?
  • [18:15] – Mike offers a couple of tips for how listeners can add strength and power to their personality with simple handwriting changes.
  • [19:57] – Stephan brings up some characteristics of his own handwriting, and Mike addresses what they mean.
  • [22:48] – Mike discusses the types of handwriting he’s looked into, and describes how to access his entire graphology training.
  • [24:22] – We learn more about how the words we use change our experiences. Mike points out that learning a new language changes our perception of time, and discusses the use of the word “try.”
  • [27:21] – What are some words we should avoid when trying to influence someone? As part of his answer, Mike offers a powerful story of why it’s so important to tell someone under stress to “remain calm” rather than “don’t panic.”
  • [31:36] – Mike moves on from talking about “don’t” to talking about “can’t.” He then discusses offering a double bind, in which either of two alternatives gets you exactly what you want.
  • [35:13] – Two incredibly powerful words you can use to amplify someone’s behavior are incredibly simple: “that’s right.”
  • [37:09] – Mike explains the power of the word “because” through a compelling (and entertaining) story about getting a teenager to clean his room.
  • [43:05] – Stephan jokingly tries Mike’s techniques back on him.
  • [43:58] – Mike shares one of his favorite moments from being a therapist.
  • [47:49] – Mike turns the story he has just shared into a valuable takeaway for listeners, explaining how to apply the technique to everyday situations.
  • [49:30] – How can you persuade someone to give you what something like a hotel room upgrade (for example) for free?
  • [52:59] – We learn why not to ask someone “what’s wrong?”, but rather “what do you want?”. Mike then explains the power of quoting someone (anyone!) else when you’re saying something unpleasant.
  • [55:51] – Mike talks about how to learn more from him and take advantage of the training that he offers.

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