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Optimize Your Soul: Adam Siddiq

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This Week’s Guest:

If you’re listening to this show, you’re probably the type of person who’s enlightened enough to know that the healthy response to being cut off in traffic isn’t to succumb to shallow road rage, but rather to plug into forgiveness, understanding, and calm. But let’s be realistic: that’s far easier said than done. For most of us, tapping into that awareness that we are all ‘one’ and there is no fundamental separation isn’t the first instinct when confronted with frustration or rudeness.


Adam Siddiq brings incredible value to our conversation today, partly in his explanation of how he approaches these sorts of everyday aggravating situations from an elevated response rather than letting himself fall into a reactive state. Adam, the host of the podcast The Soulfully Optimized Life and author of the new book Shackled, is intimately familiar with Donny Epstein’s techniques and methods, and we spend quite a bit of time exploring them in depth. In fact, we just saw each other at a Donny Epstein event called the Transformational Gate.


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In This Episode:

  • [02:06] – What are some of the things Adam has done that have created the greatest impact in optimizing his soul and spirituality?
  • [06:33] – One key thing to do is master your energy state, Adam reveals, and then explains why.
  • [09:07] – Stephan gives the example of someone cutting you off on the freeway to demonstrate how easy it is to fall into a reactive state from the lower mind. Adam then explains how he comes at situations like this from a more elevated response.
  • [13:54] – Adam relates a story Tony Robbins has told of meeting Nelson Mandela. He then relates this to what he has been saying about perspective and focusing on the bigger picture.
  • [19:02] – For listeners who aren’t already familiar with the term, Adam explains what an entrainment is.
  • [21:45] – Adam describes an experience he had at an airport when being between two payphones gave him an instantaneous migraine headache. He then memorably points out that “we’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom.”
  • [26:14] – Stephan steps in for a moment to share a little bit of his own transformation, explaining that he’s completely unrecognizable from who he was before Tony Robbins helped him achieve a significant breakthrough.
  • [27:27] – Adam and Stephan compare how many Tony Robbins events they have each been to. Stephan then explains that Tony Robbins is the reason he met his soulmate.
  • [29:06] – We return to the topic of the three seasons: the season of discover, the season of transform, and the season of awaken. Stephan and Adam dig into this topic in more detail.
  • [33:41] – Adam brings up the fourth (and most powerful) season, which is the season of integrate.
  • [34:41] – Stephan talks about the perspective of someone who isn’t familiar with Donny and is seeing entrainment for the first time. He describes how odd it might look, then he and Adam talk about what causes the physical contortions involved in the process.
  • [41:30] – Stephan describes what he has discovered about himself as an external person, and explains how the description of an external person matches his own traits and tendencies. Adam then shares a powerful multi-generational family story involving Donny’s entrainment process.
  • [48:42] – Stephan draws out some of the threads of what Adam has been saying about his grandfather. He then shares one of his own profound entrainment experiences involving a former employee.
  • [54:34] – We hear about Adam’s new book, Shackled, which tells his grandfather’s story. He describes some of his fascinating and intense family history.
  • [60:01] – Adam outlines the second reason he wrote his recent book.
  • [62:19] – We can change both the future and the past for our lineage, Stephan explains, if we come from a place of soulful connectedness.
  • [64:00] – Adam finishes off the conversation by sharing some suggested resources for listeners.

Photos of Adam’s most powerful entrainment experiences. Photo Credit: Jackie Epstein


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