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Outsource Like a Boss with Trivinia Barber

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This Week’s Guest:

For many of us, it’s hard to let go of control of many aspects of our business. Whether it’s our email inbox or our blog posts, it’s never easy to relinquish control. Imagine how much easier life would be, though, if you knew you could go on sabbatical for six months and your business wouldn’t miss a beat. When you have the right team of virtual assistants, your business can operate with minimal input from you. This means you can focus on the things that you actually need to do (like your videos or podcasts) and have your team do everything else (like your blog posts and audio editing).


Trivinia Barber is the founder of Priority VA, a boutique virtual assistant agency that matches elite-level entrepreneurs with highly skilled assistants. These assistants really understand the online space and come prepared to deliver a massive ROI right out of the gate. Our conversation is a fresh take on the world of virtual assistants, and we discuss the value that having the right team can make across various aspects of your business. You’ll learn how to effectively work with VAs, ensure they won’t leave you for a different employer, and become a grandmaster at delegation.

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In This Episode:

  • [02:06] – Trivinia talks us through the journey that brought her to where she is today, as the CEO of Priority VA.
  • [04:32] – One of the things that Trivinia often tells people is that they can outsource outcomes instead of tasks.
  • [08:13] – Trivinia shares her thoughts on how to communicate more effectively with your team.
  • [10:07] – What does Trivinia delegate, and what does she choose to keep for herself?
  • [13:42] – Trivinia talks about some of the things that her assistant Kim does for her, and talks about some of the traits of a good assistant.
  • [15:43] – Compensation is made up of more than just a paycheck, Trivinia points out.
  • [18:33] – Does Trivinia give her assistant, Kim, a financial stake in the business?
  • [20:36] – We hear whether Trivinia’s team has a structure for the content they should create, or whether they have complete freedom as long as it fits her message and her voice.
  • [24:09] – Stephan talks about the evolution of creating a structure or content calendar.
  • [26:28] – Trivinia asks Stephan a question: does it make him nervous not to know what his blog posts are about?
  • [29:09] – Once she has a content calendar, how does Trivinia take this to the next level and create videos?
  • [32:17] – For a long time, Amy Porterfield wouldn’t let go of Trivinia as her VA. Trivinia talks about how she handled this situation.
  • [36:48] – Trivinia talks about how she creates checklists and standard operating procedures within her organization for all the VAs working with other clients.
  • [40:33] – We hear more about the roles of different people in creating and executing a checklist.
  • [42:01] – Stephan talks more about the process of getting stuff out of one’s head and into external structures.
  • [47:28] – Has Trivinia tried non-dominant-hand writing to access additional creativity?
  • [52:51] – Trivinia talks about whether the videos she creates for her team are also visible to clients, or only used internally.
  • [53:55] – Stephan talks to Trivinia about one more area of focus: email.
  • [60:17] – How could an interested listener take the next steps to work with Trivinia’s team?

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Outsource my work online by hiring a virtual assistant who is able to help me run my business efficiently and productively.

☑ Stop trying to do everything for everyone. I should only have a few specific roles that focus on the most vital aspects of my business.

☑ Delegate tasks to optimize my productivity. If someone else can do the job for me, pass it along to free up my time.  

☑ Outsource outcomes instead of tasks. Make my VAs feel that they are part of something important so it gives them a deeper meaning and purpose.

☑ Encourage and equip my team to do their job. Don’t forget to give praise when it is due and notice my VAs’ progress in my company.

☑ Have the courage to give up my email inbox. Let a trusted VA take care of all my emails to free up a huge chunk of my day spent answering or organizing my inbox.

☑ Have someone handle all my published content. Hire a writer who gets my goals and views and create a content plan so they can take charge of the rest of my online activity.   

☑ Utilize the many online tools that can help my team and I smoothly run operations from the comforts of our homes. Find them on this episode’s links and resources.

☑ Train my VAs with the help of screen sharing. A Google Chrome extension called Loom can capture my screen activity.

☑ Start optimizing your business and productivity. Find the right virtual assistant with the help of Priority VA.



S: I wouldn’t be able to survive without my virtual assistant. They manage my email, my travel bookings, my websites, my podcasts, so much of my business and so much of my personal life. For example, I’m currently living overseas for five months, my VA has arranged packers, movers, storage facilities, and a lot more. My virtual team gives me the ability to do my SEO consulting from halfway around the world. I covered this topic before with Ari Meisel, Chris Goward, Nick Sonnenberg, and my former head VA, Carolyn Ketchum. Today’s episode is a fresh take on this world of virtual assistant and how you can become a grandmaster at delegation. I really think you’re going to enjoy this episode number 145. Our guest today is Trivinia Barber. Trivinia is the founder of Priority VA, a boutique virtual assistant agency that matches elite level entrepreneurs like Todd Herman and Ray Edwards with highly-skilled assistants who really get the online space, and come prepared to deliver massive ROI right out of the gate. Trivinia, it’s great to have you on the show.


T: Hey, thanks for having me. I’m so glad to be here.


S: It was a real pleasure to meet you at the 90 Day Year event. I just knew I had to have you on the show. First of all, let’s start with your story because you weren’t always a virtual assistant service firm CEO. What was that journey that got you to be where you’re at today?


T: I worked virtually for a long time. Working in corporate, I was able to talk my employers into letting me work from home for a while with each successive child that I had. I had worked for them for almost a decade at that point. I was always telling them, “Everything we do, we could do from home. This is so silly to be spending so much money in parking, and driving 45 minutes, and all of these things.” No one believed me until I went on maternity leave. Then all of a sudden, they were like, “Could you work a little bit from home while you’re on maternity leave?” I was like, “Sure.”


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