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Overcoming Andropause, the ‘Menopause’ for Men with Chris Gatchis

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This Week’s Guest

Christ Gatchis is the founder of Axis Labs, one of the most reliable names in sports nutrition supplementation.


Chris Gatchis has been fascinated by the real effects that a properly balanced nutrition and fitness can have on your entire life since he was a teen. But when he started his own nutrition company, Axis Labs, he noticed something strangely off with his body. He was still following a fitness regimen he knew to work for him in the past, and was currently working for others, but found himself gaining weight, feeling sluggish, and just not feeling his prime. When he when to the doctor for a checkup as he and his wife were trying to conceive, the problem came to light. His testosterone levels were frighteningly low. Because he had the resources, he decided to do something about it himself, and find a way to help other men in the same situation.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris and discussing some of the fascinating realities he found once he started researching his problem. What he didn’t expect was to find a problem that is relevant to every male over the age of 22. Testosterone therapy, Chris finds, can be the key to reviving your energy, your sex drive, and your natural vigor-and have you feeling like you did when you were 20. Here are just a few insights he mentions that will blow your mind:

  • Andropause-the natural reduction of testosterone levels that men experience (similar to the menopause that women have that reduces their estrogen levels).
  • How Chris managed to improve his testosterone levels over tenfold without steroids.
  • 8 ways to heal your testosterone naturally.
  • Why all men should get their testosterone levels tested.

Here’s what I learned:

Chris Wasn’t Getting the Results He Wanted

  1. He felt sluggish, unfocused, and was gaining weight even when he kept up his regular workout routine and continued a healthy diet.
  2. In addition, he and his wife were having trouble conceiving.
  3. A trip to the doctor revealed a testosterone deficiency.
    • His levels were around 160 nanograms per deciliter-normal levels are around 500.
  4. The doctor told him it may be due to a tumor.
    • He went and got an MRI, and found a small pituitary adenoma.
    • This meant he wasn’t producing any testosterone, no matter the steps he took to improve his body.
    • His doctor suggested he get put on steroids to heal his testosterone, however that would not help his infertility problem.
  5. He decided to take the problem into his own hands.


  1. As Chris did more research on his problem, he found that it was a far more common problem than he thought.
  2. Andropause is a natural progression of dwindling testosterone in the male body.
    • It can start around age 22.
    • There can be a significant loss after age 35.
  3. Chris used natural supplements called Hypertest and Myodrol, and the results were amazing.
    • After 90 days, he had increased his testosterone tenfold.
    • His doctor wanted to start the same treatment.
  4. You can break the andropause process into 4 specific processes.
    • Hypogonadism:
      • This is slowing hormone release from the pituitary (what Chris had).
    • SBHG:
      • It’s a protein bound to testosterone that allows testosterone to move throughout the body.
      • Sometimes these proteins hang on for too long, so the testosterone never becomes active.
    • DHT:
      • Dihydrotestosterone-a type of testosterone very common in men, and is responsible for facial hair, deep voice, etc.
      • Too much of it can lead to hair loss, development of prostate cancer, and a number of other undesirable or dangerous side effects.
    • Estrogen Conversion:
      • There’s an enzyme that has the ability to convert testosterone into estrogen, which isn’t desirable for men.
      • It causes development of breasts, weight gain, and low sex drive.
    • The way Chris’ program works with these testosterone killers:
      • Hypotest addresses 1 and 2, the slowing of testosterone and binding protein.
      • Myodex handles 3 and 4, slowing of the conversion of testosterone into DHT, and inhibiting conversion to estrogen.

8 Ways to Heal Your Testosterone Naturally

  1. Exercising regularly.
    • Exercise stimulates endocrine system.
    • Your body will require more protein synthesis, which testosterone regulates.
  2. Reducing body fat.
    • Body fat increases estrogen levels, which decreases testosterone.
  3. Avoid soy.
    • It’s a great source of protein, but there are other places to get it.
    • Soy is practically identical to estrogen.
  4. Avoid alcohol and depressants.
    • Toxins murder testosterone.
  5. Avoid stress or find stress-relief.
    • The hormone cortisol that comes along with stress promotes weight gain, which we’ve mentioned creates more estrogen.
  6. Get enough sleep.
    • The pituitary access, where most of our hormones are produced, is most active in our deepest levels of sleep.
    • The more sleep we get, the better we pump out healthy hormones.
  7. Eat healthy fats.
    • At least 20% of our calories from good fats.
    • Examples are flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, olive oil, fish oil.
  8. Supplement anabolic minerals.
    • Zinc and magnesium are great for supporting testosterone.
    • Eat artichokes, broccoli, brown rice, cashews, yogurt, and tuna for the magnesium.
    • Almonds, blackberries, eggs, fish, and onions are great sources of zinc.

Women and Testosterone

  1. Women aren’t recommended to take this.
  2. Science on women’s testosterone changes often.

Sexual Transmutation

  1. Keith Cunningham speaks of “positive aggression”:
  2. Owning yourself as a man
  3. A ‘gentle strength’

Hormone Replacement Therapy

  1. Most men don’t need synthetic testosterone.
  2. The side effects are terrible.
  3. It can cause cardiovascular problems.
  4. It can also cause liver problems.
  5. Excess testosterone can turn into estrogen.
  6. Consult a doctor before considering any type of hormone therapy.

Links  And Resources Mentioned:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Feeling sluggish or don’t have the sex drive you used to? Get your testosterone tested! Ask for a test at the doctor’s office.
☑ Drop soy from your diet whenever you can. It is a phytoestrogen – not good for a man’s body
☑ Exercise regularly for a natural boost in testosterone because you’re prompting protein synthesis.
☑ Higher body fat correlates to higher estrogen levels. Cut down on your body fat however you can.
☑ Avoid alcohols and depressants, they murder testosterone levels.
☑ Spend more time with your loved ones and doing things that relax you! Stress naturally kills off testosterone, so keeping your stress in check is vital.
☑ 20% of the calories in your diet should come from good fats. That’s olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.
☑ Incorporate more anabolic minerals into your diet. That’s zinc and magnesium.
☑ Think about embodying a “gentle strength” in your everyday attitude, and use aggression to power drive for your work and your achievements.
☑ Check out axislabs.com to get a free testosterone report and see if you might have a testosterone problem. Check out Hypertest and Myodrol to eliminate the testosterone killers in your life.


S: Hey everybody, this is Stephan Spencer and I have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Gatchis. I met Chris – oh what was it – about 2010 now in Fiji at a Tony Robbins event called Business Mastery Two. Chris and his wife Andrea were there and looking for ways to take their business to the next level, as I was, there in beautiful Fiji. Their business is around supplements and health supplements, and he’s got a particular passion for testosterone. Now I did not know the importance of testosterone until he and I started chatting. We became friends and I have had some really powerful transformations from the testosterone boosting supplements that his company offers. But I really wanted to bring to you guys Chris’ story and have you join him on his amazing journey. So, welcome Chris, thank you for joining us today.


C: Stephan, thanks. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it and really an honour to be a part of what you’re doing here.


S: Well thank you. This has been such an amazing experience being in the Tony Robbins world together and all the great friendships that we’ve cultivated through this tight-knit community and you’ve been such a great friend and colleague. I’ve really enjoyed having you in my inner-circle. So, let’s start by if you could just share with our listeners a bit about how you got to the point of having a testosterone supplement – testosterone boosting supplement – business. There’s a whole journey there that got you to that point.


C: Yeah there was, and it was a frustrating one at first. It really dates back all the way to adolescence for me. I was always a husky kid and I always looked up to guys who were muscular and in great shape and were fantastic athletes. I tried very hard to keep at athletics myself all through adolescence and when I got into high school I went as far out as I could and wanted to become a body builder. So, I hit the weights really hard and started chugging protein and eating chicken and egg whites and doing all that and actually lost some fat and put some muscle on and actually competed in a few competitions in my late-teens. I loved it so much I wanted to incorporate that into my career. I wanted nutrition and health and fitness to be part of my life because I wanted a career that I just loved. And when I literally put down the weights and picked up the keyboard, I noticed that I started to fall back into the same husky build that I had as a kid. As a matter of fact, it started getting further and further out of control. I thought that was strange. I started going back to the gym on a regular basis but it just wasn’t getting the same gains for much of the clients I was working with, but I was deeply rooted in the nutrition industry – distributing dietary supplements to 26 countries at the time – but I didn’t look the part. Then, in 2007, my wife and I decided to conceive a child and it didn’t work for a while. 2009 happened and it still wasn’t happening so I went to the doctor and they said, ‘Chris, let’s test your testosterone levels’. And I didn’t think it was going to be much of an issue, but when the levels came back I – and just to let you know at the time I was about 29-years-old – I came back at 163 nanograms per deciliter. To give you an idea of what normal ranges are for a healthy man about that age would be somewhere between 500 to 800 nanograms per deciliter so I was at a very, very low level and I asked the doctor ‘well what do we do?’ And they said, ‘well the typical adage at this moment would be for us to give you testosterone to start injecting you with it, or a patch or a cream.’ But I was trying to conceive and one of the side-effects of synthetic steroids is sterility.


S: So, tell me, the low testosterone levels they found, that was a real problem for conceiving children, correct?


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Get Optimized!

  1. Feeling sluggish or don’t have the sex drive you used to? Get your testosterone tested! Ask for a test at the doctor’s office.
  2. Drop soy from your diet whenever you can. It is a phytoestrogen-not good for a man’s body.
  3. Exercise regularly for a natural boost in testosterone because you’re prompting protein synthesis. 

Thank You For Listening!

In conclusion, Chris likes to close his talks with the thought: What is it that you miss about your body from when you were 20? Don’t feel like you need to choose between young and fit and naive, and old and wise. Monitoring and treating your testosterone can have you feeling young and full of energy all over again. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it!


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