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Oxygenation Therapy to Boost Your Body and Brain: Tom Butler

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This Week’s Guest:

My guest today, Tom Butler, is the VP and partner at LiveO2, an oxygen training system. In case you aren’t familiar with the concept, oxygen training is a way of super oxygenating during your workouts. As you’ll learn during this conversation, super oxygenation is important not only for workouts, but also for our overall health.


In addition to his work at LiveO2, Tom is the founder of the Whole Health Network. He began his career as a biochemist in pharmaceutical development, and he achieved the status of senior scientist at the impressively early age of 25. Instead of focusing only on Western science, Tom also earned a master’s degree in Chinese medicine. This combination of resources gives him brilliant insight into health, as you’ll hear in our conversation.


Find Out More About Tom Here:

Tom Butler on LinkedIn


In This Episode:

  • [03:09] – What is super oxygenation, and why should we care?
  • [04:42] – Stephan points out that vascular inflammation is linked to heart disease, cancer, and more, so super oxygenation is about more than just a better workout. Tom elaborates on this.
  • [08:33] – Tom talks about Chinese medicine and its views of not only the movement of energy in the body, but also the blood. He mentions blood stasis, or blood stagnation.
  • [10:30] – We learn about the risk of inadequate oxygenation in parts of our bodies.
  • [13:18] – Stephan describes his first experience using Tom’s device at the Bulletproof Conference, where Kristen Lohneiss told him her story.
  • [14:15] – Kristen shares her own story, involving a traumatic brain injury due to a drunk driver. We hear how much of a difference the LiveO2 system has made for her.
  • [19:51] – Super oxygenation can bring someone from near death back to health, Tom explains. He also talks about “pushing up against” injuries, or returning blood flow in a way that breaks through healing barriers.
  • [24:57] – Tom describes the LiveO2 system, which involves controlling the airflow that someone is breathing with varying amounts of oxygen.
  • [28:31] – How do you know if LiveO2 is successfully cleaning out someone’s system? Fascinatingly, skin and breath smells are part of the answer.
  • [30:09] – Heavy metals take a little more work to get rid of than the other pollutants in our bodies, Tom explains.
  • [32:55] – Stephan is learning about a Kabbalah principle that if you receive something without earning it, it comes with side effects. He applies this to what Tom has been saying about LiveO2.
  • [34:36] – Tom talks about pulse oximetry, and discusses the issue of carbon monoxide.
  • [37:42] – Any finger will do for your pulse oximeter, Tom explains. He then talks about possible asymmetry in oxygenation between the left and right hands. He and Stephan then go on to talk about super oxygenation in stroke victims.
  • [42:10] – Tom gives more details about the actual process that LiveO2 employs. Most first-time participants will stay on the oxygenated air for about eight minutes.
  • [48:39] – How does Tom coach users who aren’t local?
  • [50:51] – If you’re interested in working with a LiveO2 practitioner, go to the LiveO2 website or give them a call. They have an unpublished directory of LiveO2 practitioners and may be able to hook you up with someone near you.
  • [51:23] – Tom talks about the cost of having the LiveO2 system in your own home.
  • [54:40] – We learn more about Mark Squibb, who invented the device, and how he created it.
  • [59:27] – Tom discusses how often people should use LiveO2 technology.
  • [61:50] – To get more information on the LiveO2 system, including getting one for your own home, go to the LiveO2 website. You’re also welcome to give them a call at 970-372-4344.


Get Optimized!

  1. Once Bulletproof Labs opens in Santa Monica, take a trip there. You’ll be able to try the LiveO2 system among many other things.
  2. Read about blood stasis, also known as blood stagnation. It can cause a wide range of health issues, and is more widespread than you might realize.
  3. Attend the next Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. This will help you learn about all sorts of cutting-edge health and biohacking technologies.


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