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Episode 20 |

Avoiding and Reversing Disease Through Alternative Health Therapies: John Bergman

In the not so distant future, 1 out of every 2 children will be autistic, and Alzheimer's will continue to plague the elderly. However, Dr. John Bergman believes in the incredible power our bodies have to naturally heal ourselves and prevent these conditions, and how natural health therapies often trump the debilitating practice of modern medicine.

Episode 19 |

Harnessing Creativity and Problem Solving Through Your Right Brain: Bill Donius

Unlocking the power of your right brain may very well help you get past mental roadblocks, and unleash a wave of creativity that can bring new light and ideas to apply in your work and life. Bill Donius explains how we can tune into the more creative side of our minds through simple exercises and rituals.

Episode 17 |

How A Rockstar VA Can Give You More Freedom And Peace Of Mind: Carolyn Ketchum

One of the biggest secrets most successful entrepreneurs have? A solid virtual assistant on their team. Carolyn was my VA for several years, and we discuss the crucial ways in which a VA can help grow your business, and give you more free time to do what you love

Episode 16 |

Shaping Ideas and Remembering Experiences Through Sketchnotes: Mike Rohde

The best way to process information and remember experiences? According to Mike Rohde from, step away from the keyboard, pick up a pen and notebook, and let your brain doodle and write your way to understanding and learning.

Episode 15 |

Ending Chronic Pain Using Fascial Counterstrain Therapy: Tim Hodges

Chronic pain can suck all the joy and productivity of your life, and we've been conditioned to treat it instead of get to the bottom of it. Fortunately, Tim Hodges shares with us recent studies and techniques that get to the source of and eliminate chronic pain and imbalance in our bodies.