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Episode 50 |

Alternative Therapies for a Healthy and Calm Life: Sanjay Sabnani

While traditional medicine is great for some, there are other therapy options available to you. Sanjay Sabnani discusses weighing your options before deciding on a therapy type, as well as overall wellness through meditation and spirituality.

Episode 49 |

The Personal Development Habits that Create Wealth: Akira Iguchi

To find your passion, build a business, and create your dream lifestyle, personal development is a must. Akira Iguchi teaches people how to turn their passion into a million dollar business through coaching, speaking, writing, and online marketing.

Episode 47 |

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life: Aslan Mirkalami

Aslan Mirkalami is a high-performance coach and certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and discusses how to take control of your life by changing your belief system and finding the deep rooted connection within your body to create success.