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Episode 15 |

Ending Chronic Pain Using Fascial Counterstrain Therapy: Tim Hodges

Chronic pain can suck all the joy and productivity of your life, and we've been conditioned to treat it instead of get to the bottom of it. Fortunately, Tim Hodges shares with us recent studies and techniques that get to the source of and eliminate chronic pain and imbalance in our bodies.

Episode 13 |

Healing Our Bodies For Longevity And Boundless Energy: Jay and Joy

Want to know the secrets to having boundless energy, longevity, and quicker healing that would make Wolverine jealous? The JingSlingers are back and you have to check out this episode for enlightening tips and tricks to live in your best mind and body.

Episode 12 |

Resistance Flexibility for a Pain-Free Body: Luther Cowden

If you think that having enough flexibility to touch your toes is something that will never happen in this life, you have to tune into Luther Cowden's episode on how a few different stretches can give you more flexibility-and less pain-immediately.

Episode 10 |

Overcoming Andropause, the ‘Menopause’ for Men: Chris Gatchis

Around the age of 22, men's testosterone starts showing a gradual decline, and by age 35, men usually experience noticeable changes in their energy levels and sex drive. Chris Gatchis turned his own testosterone problem into an opportunity for his nutritional supplement company to provide solutions for andropause, the male version of menopause.