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Episode 62 |

Building a Virtual Team that Supports Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Chris Rugh

Christopher Rugh is an entrepreneur with an irrepressible passion for business and life. He recently exited, the nation’s leading vanity telephone number search firm, catering to thousands of companies and well-recognized brands.

Episode 61 |

Communicating and Connecting with Your Partner Through Your Authentic Self with Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong is a world expert on male/female and masculine/feminine dynamics. She is the author of Queen’s Code and creator of the widely acclaimed Queen’s Code Workshop Series and the Understanding Women Workshop. Alison is the CEO and co-founder of PAX Programs Incorporated and a mother of three.

Episode 60 |

Create an Amazing Lifestyle that Gives Back with Rich German

Rich German is a bestselling author, speaker, and business/lifestyle coach. He has conducted over 18,000 individual coaching sessions and co-founded the JV Insider Circle. With its focus on joint ventures, the JV Insider Circle is a powerful community that helps speakers, authors, and coaches grow their businesses.

Episode 58 |

Get Better Sleep by Discovering Your Chronotype with Dr. Michael Breus

After determining your chronotype, you will have a better idea of what your body’s schedule is and how your hormones function throughout the day. Dr. Breus shares how you can determine what your personal sleep need is and what to avoid to ensure that your sleep is high quality.