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Episode 36 |

Establishing Positive Habits to Transform Your Health, Fitness, and Soul: Michael Morelli

Michael Morelli's fitness training goes beyond the workout, he takes his clients through the full experience of fitness, eating whole foods and meal planning, creating healthier habits, and even helps trainers to learn the social media marketing secrets that created his legacy.

Episode 35 |

Survivalism Tools to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: Aaron Frankel

From natural disasters, terrorism, to a zombie apocalypse-being prepared is essential. Survivalist Aaron Frankel shares how to get ready for whatever life throws at you, the tools that you need to protect yourself, and the knowledge to properly use them.

Episode 34 |

Tools for Designing a Productive and Prosperous Lifestyle: Stever Robbins

Stever Robbins is an expert on productivity and getting the most out of your career and life. He shares his tips on time management, applying actionable steps to move forward in your career, and changing your beliefs to positively affect your behavior.

Episode 33 |

Question Your Thoughts and Beliefs to End Suffering: Byron Katie

Our minds are powerful, and we can end pain and suffering by changing our thought process and questioning our beliefs. Speaker and author Byron Katie has helped countless people live more joyful lives, and shares how to break free from the mindset that is holding you back from living a happy, peaceful life.

Episode 32 |

Turn Your Life Insurance Policy into a Nest Egg With Infinite Banking: Ray Poteet

What if you could create your own, personal banking system-where you earned back all of the interest and principle on your savings and loans? Ray Poteet, founder of Living Wealth, shares exactly how to create life insurance accounts that become a financial resource for you and your family.