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Episode 22 |

Find Romance that Stands the Test of Time with Imago Therapy with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

Helen and Harville want us to understand that the perfectly happily married couple is ultimately incompatible. The difference between the married couples that fail and those that succeed is not in their compatibility, but in the way they choose to understand their incompatibility.  After both Helen and Harville experienced a divorce of their own, they approached the beginning of their relationship asking the question "What makes some couples stay together and some fall apart?". The result of their deep theorizing and research is Imago,  a relationship methodology they teach that strives to dig deep into our true motivations on how we become attracted to and choose partner, and fulfill our desires in a relationship. We discuss: • Why you are either a hailstorm or a turtle. • The steps of listening successfully. • You will only be attracted to someone you are incompatible with. • The role of our parents and caregivers in deciding what we want in a relationship.

Episode 21 |

Delegating and Automating Your Business to do More of What You Love with James Schramko

What does a person do to stay sane, and productive, when they run multiple successful business ventures? They delegate. Today I am talking to James Schramko, internet marketer and entrepreneur who has mastered the art of building systems that have allowed him to build his empire, stress-free. James is a jack of all trades-he founded SuperFast Business, runs live events and multiple podcasts, and we are about to learn his secrets to success. We discuss: • Creating a business without working around the clock. • Overseas employees, and how to manage them. • Creating a to-do list that makes sense with your skills and goals-and delegating the rest. • Living like you are retired, before you are retired.

Episode 20 |

Avoiding and Reversing Disease Through Alternative Health Therapies with John Bergman

When John Bergman got into a serious car wreck, he got the feeling that the medicine he was being prescribed may have been making him worse instead of better. He decided to research further and go to chiropractic school and has become a champion of alternative medicine. He wants people to truly start thinking about what modern medicine is doing to their bodies, and why their bodies are failing them. The answer, he believes, is that we might be misdiagnosing simple adaptive responses that our body is having to other problems-simple problems like stress, little exercise, too much time sitting, or taking in too many toxins from medications and processed foods. Traditional medicine might be overcomplicating things and overlooking our simple need to get our immune system in order. We discuss: • The dark side of vaccinations. • How stress might be causing you heart problems, reproductive problems, and more. • Why you should assume your blood is too acidic. • The danger that lurks in processed, homogenized milk.

Episode 19 |

Harnessing Creativity and Problem Solving Through Your Right Brain with Bill Donius

Bill Donius knows your brain has a secret area that you are not fully utilizing-ever have that "aha!" moment in the shower, or laying in your bed, or while running–a seemingly magical idea that is captivating and motivating? What if you could trigger those ideas on demand? Bill says you can-in less than 60 seconds. It's all due to the specific roles of the hemispheres of the brain. Many of us know the idea of left brain/right brain-that the separate hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different types of thought. The left brain for analytical and logical thinking, the right brain for creativity and problem solving. Bill has been interested in accessing the right brain for problem solving for years, and now does seminars for Fortune 500 companies to teach CEOs and managers how to use this elusive part of the brain for high-level problem solving and strategy creation. However, he thinks that everyone can benefit from introducing right brain use into their lives. We discuss just how to do this, plus: • Why introducing the creative brain to your to-do list can make you more productive. • How to use the right brain to get into flow. • How to ask yourself the right questions-and why it's important. • How relaxation and stress relief plays into creativity.

Episode 18 |

Optimizing Your Productivity to Do More of What You Love with Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy is known as the Productivityist, a fitting name, because he doesn't treat productivity like a tactic, he treats it like a belief system. Mike believes in productivity as a way to not just get you doing more, but get you doing more of the stuff that you love. He's been studying it since his early career at Costco, an environment where an efficient system is crucial. He studied the greats, did some testing of their systems on himself, refined them according to their flaws and strengths and added a few of his own brilliant ideas to create "Now Your Way", the productivity system of his own creation. This show is chock full of tips that will get anybody rethinking the way they organize their life. We discuss: • Why most productivity tools don’t seem to work at first. • The 'mode' system, and how it can easily get your brain in a state of flow. • The strengths and weaknesses of famous productivity systems. • How to work with your biology to produce more effective results.