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Reining in Your Reactivity with Kabbalah with David Ghiyam

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This Week’s Guest:

There is an all-encompassing energy that consumes our entire world and all of life. When that light is revealed, we experience blessings and fulfillment. When it’s concealed, we experience darkness and suffering. That light can be divided into two categories: the light of wisdom and the light of mercy. The light of wisdom is raw energy that we all experience and desire whereas the light of mercy is our own personal energy or effort to transform ourselves. When you transform your nature for the better, your light of mercy becomes a vessel that receives the light of wisdom and invites blessings.


David Ghiyam explores this advanced Kabbalistic concept in a deeply spiritual episode that dives into such topics as clairvoyance, reactivity, desire, mercy, and so much more. David is a senior lecturer at The Kabbalah Centre as well as the founder of MaryRuth Organics. He’s full of powerful age-old wisdom that has changed my life, and that I hope and believe will change yours too.

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In This Episode:

  • [01:34] – Let’s talk about Kabbalah! David explores what the light is before clarifying the difference between the light of wisdom and the light of mercy.
  • [04:11] – David clarifies that the only way that someone can reveal the light of mercy is to overcome their nature, not just to do good deeds.
  • [07:44] – The light of the creator has all of the types of pleasures and fulfillments that we’re looking for within it, David explains.
  • [10:17] – Stephan takes a moment to give a specific example to clarify what it means to give proactively without expectations.
  • [11:57] – David differentiates the kind of prayers that are typical (like praying for health and financial abundance) from praying for things like certainty and desire.
  • [14:58] – What does it mean that certainty is not of this real or dimension?
  • [17:34] – We should be excited about finding a negative attribute ourselves because we can now fix the problem and expand our vessel.
  • [18:24] – David talks about the various aspects of ego. He then digs deeper into pride specifically.
  • [21:28] – As long as we follow the steps that Kabbalah outlines for us, we’ll know how to handle any challenge that we face.
  • [25:15] – David talks about the Ana b’Koach prayer and the role it plays as a tool.
  • [27:58] – We hear about the concept that truth before mercy creates chaos, which led Stephan to make a lot of changes.
  • [31:25] – Stephan gives an example from his own life that illustrates the importance of coming at something with mercy instead of just truth.
  • [33:34] – If you eat meat with consciousness, prayer, and gratitude for the animal, then that elevates the animal’s soul. David points out that just about everything that you do needs to have this kind of consciousness.
  • [36:31] – David talks more about the Bible, the Zohar, and how they relate to everything he and Stephan have been discussing.
  • [38:01] – We learn about the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.
  • [40:05] – David stumbled on financial success early, and talks about how this experience propelled him to learn the system and wisdom of the Kabbalah.
  • [41:42] – What one thing would David recommend a listener do as the next step? One option is to text “Kabbalah” to 797979.

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Know the difference between the light of wisdom and the light of mercy. The light of wisdom represents my goal of fulfillment while the light of mercy encourages self-transformation.

☑ Avoid having selfish desires. Develop a giving nature where I value others’ needs.

☑ Be patient. If I don’t receive what I’m praying for yet, it means I am preparing for that blessing.

☑ Pray for the strength and wisdom to transform myself. Don’t pray for material things that block the blessings in my life.

☑ Discover my weaknesses to have clarity and fix my problems.

☑ Look at the bigger picture when going through challenges. Accept that all things are temporary, even grief and trials.  

☑ Understand that I must earn everything in my life. Whatever comes easy, goes easy.

☑ Internalize the saying “truth before mercy creates chaos.” Without mercy, we fail to give ourselves and others the chance to change.

☑ Prepare to get what I give to the Universe. Why I am here and where I am is the result of what I give out to the world.

☑ Light up people’s lives in the same way that I have been inspired and guided by others.



S: We are on a role here with spirituality-focused episodes, this is episode number 140. We’re gonna dive into clairvoyance, connectivity, desire, certainty, mercy, wisdom–it’s just an incredible episode. Our guest today is David Ghiyam, he’s a senior lecturer at the Kabbalah Centre and the founder of MaryRuth Organics. David, it’s great to have you on the show.


D: Thank you so much, Stephan. It’s great to be here.


S: Let’s talk about Kabbalah. One of the concepts I learned recently from you that was just so powerful is the difference between the Light of Wisdom and the Light of Mercy. Maybe we just start by explaining what the Light is and why our listeners should care about the light and then we can go into the distinguishing of the Light of Mercy and the Light of Wisdom.


D: Okay. Obviously, you bring up an advance topic that requires a lot of background in Kabbalah but we can start with the simple concept that the Kabbalist believe. There’s a force that we call the Light of the Creator which is an all-encompassing powerful energy that consumes our entire world and is the energy behind all of life, all of everything. When that lights is revealed, there are blessings, there is fulfillment, and there is order. When that light is concealed, we experience darkness, pain, and suffering. When a person is experiencing pain and suffering in their lives, they are basically disconnected from that light. That light which is everywhere all the time is concealed from them.

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