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Shape Your Future with Hypnosis and Handwriting Analysis with Bart Baggett

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Today’s Guest:

Bart Baggett is a forensic handwriting expert, professional speaker, and author. He’s appeared on over 1,500 radio and TV shows, plus over 14 feature films. He’s the founder of Handwriting University, Neuro Audio Therapy, and author of The Magic Question Book.


You may not initially think of handwriting analysis or hypnosis when considering self-development techniques, but here’s why you should. Hypnosis creates an open mind that is more open to finding and accepting new opportunities that can change your life. Your handwriting shows your values and personality traits, giving you the knowledge that you need to problem-solve areas of your life that may not be going as planned. Learn how to use these two methods to create your dream life.
We Discuss:

  • Why hypnosis is nothing like what you’ve seen in movies.
  • How to use handwriting analysis to find the perfect employees.
  • The perfect music for hypnosis, and why it creates a relaxing state.
  • How to access Bart’s free gift that can help you to change your life.

Here’s what I learned:

Debunking Hypnosis Myths

  1. When people hear handwriting analysis or hypnosis, they may not think it’s relevant to them.
  2. Bart first learned these skills when he was about 14, but in a therapeutic way.
    • He met an expert in both hypnosis and handwriting analysis.
    • He thought that it was ridiculous and hypnosis was just talking like a chicken.
    • He realized that he was wrong, the tools could help him boost his self-esteem.

The Process of Hypnosis

  1. Hypnosis is accessing your unconscious mind in a state where you’re most receptive.
  2. People that do stage hypnosis can be a little silly and it isn’t for everyone.
    • Only about ten percent of people are highly suggestible and those are the ones that are used on stage.
      The simple way to think about hypnosis when you fall asleep at night.
    • You go through the stages from wide awake to a sleepy state, that’s a beta state.
    • Then, you go through theta and after that, you go through delta-the deepest sleep, and those stages of your mind-awareness are tracked in waves.
    • Hypnosis is nothing more than creating suggestions to your unconscious mind, usually withwords while you’re in the most receptive state.
  3. Back in the 60’s they had ‘mind machines’, which are lights and sounds to take you into that altered state.
    • Bart created Neuro Audio Therapy, a new form of self-improvement utilizing headphones and NLP hypnotic language, on that basis.
    • Hypnosis is nothing more than embedded commands, such as you’re good enough, or you’re smart enough.

Self-hypnosis vs. Hypnosis by a Hypnotherapist

  1. Everything is self-hypnosis, you have to give permission and be open.
    • The only difference is that you’re either talking to yourself, or someone else is walking you through the steps.
  2. Self-hypnosis is difficult because your mind jumps around, so it’s difficult to read a script and hypnotize yourself or get into that relaxed state.
  3. Bart records a six-minute meditation of embedded commands, and combined with certain music and background noise, he can relax and focus.
  4. If you tell yourself in that state of mind, that you’re the kind of person that makes two million dollars a year, you’ll begin to see opportunities in ways that you wouldn’t see them previously.
    • The basis of Bart’s book, The Magic Question Book, is how to begin to look for things that may be outside your comfort zone.
    • Our unconscious mind has a set of beliefs and attitudes about the world, and they may be holding you back-but you can change that.

The Music that Sets the Tone

  1. Baroque music has the same cadence as the alpha brain state.
    • It puts you into an altered state by nature.
    • There was research where they played rock music to an atrium full of plants.
    • They also played baroque-specific classical music to another set of plants, and the baroque music plants were thriving.
    • It’s considered the best music and rhythm to absorb an affirmation.
  2. In Neuro Audio Therapy, instead of baroque music, they use the binaural beats, as well as stereophonic sounds and relaxing music.
  3. In the late 80’s, they came up with ‘mind machines’-machines with lights and sound where you close your eyes and there are four lights.
    • The lights are blue or red but they just blink and pace, so you get paced by music.
    • Then they add sound-the binaural beats separate the channels, it goes to the left ear, then to the right ear, so it feels like you’re having a three dimensional experience with nothing but headsets and lights.
    • People quickly go into an altered state using this method.

Time Line Therapy

  1. Richard Bandler and John Grinder created a study on Milton Erickson, who was a hypnotherapist, but he was old and he couldn’t move much.
    • He had to learn how to get the results from his client without anything fancy so he just used words, and learned how to radically change people’s lives with his language.
    • They got the structure of language and figured out what he was doing and why this therapist was so effective.
  2. One of the researchers figured out that hypnosis was useful for most people’s core issue, and asked the question: how do you go to the root cause of your problems and how do you change it?
    • They learned that what you’re doing unconsciously is creating a line, and to change it, you have to redirect that timeline to put things in the past behind you.
    • Instead of imagining back in the past, float above, see this line, go back moment by moment into the past, and then find that event and reframe it, restructure it, relabel it, change the soundtrack.
    • You’re basically rewriting your own memories in the time line.

Analyzing Your Handwriting

  1. Bart teaches their counselors to use handwriting analysis to understand someone’s deepest fears, then they figure out how they can change this with Neuro Audio Therapy.
    • There is a lot of benefit in changing handwriting, and analyzing handwriting is a good projection of who you are at the unconscious level.
  2. Analyzing handwriting can also help with the hiring process.
    • Bart created a system to run ads and have people handwrite applications, they’re not aware that they’re answering strategic questions and that they’re not only analyzing the content but also the handwriting.
    • They did a consultation with a veterinarian in Texas, and asked for the personality traits of their favorite employees.
    • They gave them handwriting samples of their favorite employee and the handwriting of the people that simply didn’t work out.
    • Big, bubbly handwriting indicates friendly, simple and happy-go-lucky individuals.
    • They looked for people that indicated the same traits as their favorite employee to find the right interviewees.
  3. If you want to analyze your own handwriting, to go Bart’s free website Handwriting Wizard. It’s a software program that is about 80% correct.

Links and Resources Mentioned

Handwriting University

The Magic Question Book

TEDx The Neuropathway to Happiness

Unstoppable You

Bart’s One Hour Class, Free Gift!

Handwriting Wizard

Handwriting Analysis

Neuro Audio Therapy

Get Optimized!

    1. Rephrase your goals to create more possibility of getting what you want-if you want to gain 15 pounds of muscle, you could say “How much fun is it going to be to build muscle?”
    2. Create a 30-60 minute recording of yourself using hypnosis techniques and affirmations, set to baroque music.
    3. Get Bart’s free gift at BartBaggett.com/geek. It’s a one hour class that is useful to go through if you’re struggling with money, love, or your values-it makes it easy to create change.

Thank you for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Shape Your Future with Hypnosis and Handwriting Analysis with Bart Baggett

  1. I think handwriting is really cool to dissect. My fiance has really bad handwriting which might explain why he’s unorganized. I would love to talk with a handwriting expert to learn more. Thanks.

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