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Shining the Light on Light Therapy with Jacob Liberman

Light therapist @DrJacobLiberman explains how colors can trigger unresolved issues, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, and expanding our lives. Click To Tweet


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This Week’s Guest:

Light is inseparable from life. Plants, animals and humans all need light to exist and survive. This connection between life and light runs so deep that people have strong intrinsic reactions, both positive and negative, to various colors. As people become more receptive to colors on the light spectrum, they also become more receptive to the life spectrum.


Here to dig into all the nuances of light, color, vision, and consciousness is Dr. Jacob Liberman. He’s a groundbreaking expert in color and light therapy whose work is admired by such luminaries as Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. Jacob began his career in optometry and vision science, but has been working with light therapy for over 40 years. His newest book, Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living, explores how light guides us to a life full of purpose.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:31] – Jacob talks about light therapy and color therapy so listeners can understand what the two things are and why they’re important. He also dives into the question of what light itself is.
  • [03:54] – Jacob started working with light and light therapy in 1971, when he was an optometrist and vision scientist.
  • [10:21] – We learn that Jacob’s main focus is to bring people into a state where they are more comfortable with more of life, leading to less stress and more contentment.
  • [11:21] – Most of us are allergic to being uncomfortable and want everything our way, Jacob points out.
  • [16:38] – We hear more about how our discomfort with certain colors can reveal blockages in our energy pathways.
  • [20:56] – Stephan shares his experience with light and color as therapeutic healing modalities.
  • [22:08] – Jacob explains the reason that we have two eyes, and how this relates to reading or doing work on the computer.
  • [27:50] – Stephan had pretty severe myopia until he got LASIK several years ago to treat it. Now, he has noticed his myopia returning. Jacob then talks about a dramatic experience with his own vision.
  • [34:20] – In a particular episode of the Optimized Geek, Stephan got the concept that fulfillment comes before desire.
  • [35:08] – If desire is a prerequisite for fulfillment, then we will become habituated or addicted to desire, because we’ll need it in order to feel fulfilled.
  • [37:50] – What’s the one-minute exercise that people can do a few times a day to help with vision?
  • [43:50] – Jacob had panic attacks for six and a half years, but got rid of them using the techniques he has been describing.
  • [46:07] – Stephan works to evolve meta-awareness, or awareness of his awareness. Jacob then digs deeper into this concept, elaborating on what Stephan has said.
  • [53:02] – Jacob uses the example of a TV to explain his point in more detail, clarifying that just as we’re not the TV we’re watching, the observer is not the activity that is being noticed occurring in the mind.
  • [60:46] – What Jacob has been saying about direct experiences rings true for Stephan, who offers an example.
  • [64:13] – Jacob digs into something that Stephan said about “truth without mercy.”
  • [67:30] – Jacob’s next-step advice for listeners is to always say yes to the opportunity to say “thank you” or “I love you.”


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You Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Understand how light is inseparable from life and that I need it in order to exist. The solar system is comprised of an invisible energy called photons.

☑ Prioritize my health and happiness above all else. Invest in self-care and find hobbies that I love.

☑ Research and become familiar with light therapy. Find out what it can do to help me in areas of my life that need healing.

☑ Find colors that I am comfortable with and incorporate them in areas where I spend my time. Use these colors in my house, office, or clothing.

☑ Be accepting of life rather than be reactive to it. Light therapy can help me become less stressed, especially when I am out of my comfort zone.

☑ Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go my way. Disruption and perturbation are actually  signs of being in the right place and moving towards self-fulfillment.

☑ Take time to reevaluate and reorganize when facing challenges. Don’t give up but do take time to pause and reflect.

☑ Get enough sunlight. Sunlight is vital for cell regeneration, physical and emotional growth, and development.

☑ Avoid reading, watching TV, or being on my phone for long periods of time. These activities are stressful and strenuous on my eyes.

☑ Always be grateful for new opportunities. Say thank you and I love you to people who are dear to me.

☑ Get a copy of Jacob Liberman’s new book Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living to learn how to use light to live a life filled with purpose.



S: You may have heard of color therapy but how about light therapy? It’s a healing modality that pardon upon needs more light shined on it and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do with today’s guest, Dr. Jacob Liberman. Thought leaders from Deepak Chopra to Eckhart Tolle have lauded Dr. Liberman’s insights about light, vision, and consciousness. His newest book, Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living reveals how light guides our every step so we may fulfill our reason for being. Welcome to episode number 139. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, now on with the show. Jacob, it’s great to have you on the show.


J: It’s wonderful to be here with you today, Stephan.


S: Let’s talk about light therapy and color therapy a bit so our listeners are aware what those two things are, those two modalities, and why they’re important.


J: I think the first thing to recognize is that part of the universe called the Solar System. Solar System essentially means that everything is or derived from light. Essentially, one of the most important things to recognize is that everything within our Solar System is created from an invisible energy called light or photons. This is probably why in the Bible, they speak of God as light, and why quantum physicists relate the ground of reality, the fundamental energy from which everything emerges as light. Light is something that is fundamental to our existence and to the existence of all matter. The renowned quantum physicist, David Bohm, once said all matter is frozen light. Everything that we experience as solid is actually something that is transmuted from this energy we call light which is very interesting because everyone thinks they know what light is. You look outside and it’s bright then it’s light. But light is actually totally invisible.

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