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How to Speak Powerfully with Tamsen Webster

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This Week’s Guest:

Take a moment and think of a monster that you’ve figured out how to slay in your life. This might be an obstacle that you’ve overcome or a fear that you’ve faced. Now think of all the other people who are still trying to fight these battles. As a speaker, you can help people find the least painful path to victory in their battles. This perspective will not only help your audience stay engaged, but also change how they see the world.


Tamsen Webster, an acclaimed keynote speaker, idea whisperer, and change strategist, is here to make all of this clear. If you’re ready to become a better communicator and speaker, especially when presenting to groups, you’re in the right place! Tamsen brings 20 years of marketing experience and 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader together to create a new public speaking concept. Her revolutionary “red thread” may be exactly what you need to take your speaking to the next level.


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@TamsenWebster on Facebook
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In This Episode:

  • [02:38] – What would be a good initial story or case example that Tamsen wants to share about taking speaking (or your life) to another level?
  • [06:00] – Tamsen came to a mantra: “check your dignity at the door.” She explains what this means to her.
  • [07:31] – We learn how Tamsen starting her own business changed the role of speaking in her job.
  • [11:24] – Tamsen would never suggest not rehearsing, she explains, but rehearsal takes many forms.
  • [15:42] – Stephan thinks that personal stories are critically important because they humanize you for your audience, he explains.
  • [16:52] – Does Tamsen show people a “before” picture from when she was 50 pounds overweight?
  • [20:04] – There are two approaches to sharing your big signature story, Stephan points out. He then talks about a stem cell therapy procedure that he and his wife, Orion, did together.
  • [24:07] – Some of us are wired in different ways, Tamsen explains, and ties this concept to the idea of serving a greater purpose.
  • [29:12] – When Tamsen is working with her clients, she’s incorporating things that she has learned that works, without squashing their personal style.
  • [30:07] – Let’s talk about Tamsen’s concept of the red thread! She explains what the red thread is, and how she came up with it. She then goes into depth about how it works, why it works, and why you would want to use it.
  • [38:20] – Tamsen realized that if she could get people to answer her set of questions, she could accomplish several things simultaneously.
  • [40:07] – Stephan recaps what Tamsen has said about the red thread, including the five parts that it includes.
  • [42:23] – Tamsen responds to what Stephan has been saying, pointing out one of the reasons that we’re often unsuccessful in getting our ideas across.
  • [46:25] – Stephan takes a moment to rave about Tamsen’s skill in unfolding a story and connecting the dots.
  • [46:46] – Tamsen explains the origins of the name “the red thread” that she uses to describe her concept.
  • [47:59] – For Stephan, the catalyst for all the changes he made in his life was when he completed a fire walk.
  • [52:16] – We hear Stephan’s thoughts about what Tamsen has just been saying about the moment of shift.
  • [53:16] – There are still other people out there fighting the monsters we’ve already figured out how to slay, Tamsen points out.
  • [55:27] – How can listeners work with Tamsen, and where should they go to find her?


Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take:

☑ Practice makes perfect. Regularly rehearse my speech and script before speaking in front of crowds and avoid last minute cramming.

☑ Research and take time to know my topics inside out. Be widely knowledgeable and factual on stage.

☑ Be conversational. Practice and rehearse with others to help my speech flow.

☑ Don’t sound too scripted. Talk naturally so that people will listen to me.

☑ Create an outline instead of writing my script word for word. I can breeze through my speech when I don’t have to memorize exact words.

☑ Stay relevant and avoid speaking off topic. Keep a strong point and stick to my message.

☑ Share personal stories. I will create a stronger connection with my listeners if I can relate to them on a personal level.

☑ Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable but make sure that my stories are related to my core message. Personal anecdotes of struggle are encouraged but don’t let them overtake my message.

☑ Encourage my audience to ask me questions after my speaking gig. This will help me learn more about what they want to hear.  

☑ Stay updated on current events and what’s happening around me. Aside from using my own stories as examples, I can talk about other topics of inspiration as well.


S: We speak to others everyday but how often do we really sway those we speak to? If you wanna communicate more effectively—especially when speaking publicly to groups—then this episode number 136 is a must. A speech is a performance. Wouldn’t you like to know how to become masterful at these performances? Well, you’re about to know exactly how from Tamsen Webster. Tamsen is an acclaimed keynote speaker, idea whisperer, and change strategist. She combined 20 years in marketing with 13 years as a Weight Watchers leader into a simple structure for understanding, talking about, and creating lasting change. Tamsen, it’s great to have you on the show.


T: I’m so excited to be here. Thanks so much for having me.


S: Yeah, for sure. I’ve already interviewed you on Marketing Speak. We talked to marketers about your frameworks and your different models and so forth. This is a little different of a show because we’re gonna talk about personal development, and speaking, and upping your speaking game in that context, up levelling yourself. What would be a good initial story or case example that you wanna share of kind of taking it to another level?


T: Of taking speaking to another level or…


S: Yeah, even taking your life to another level by using speaking. You have to show up differently in the world if you become a better speaker, a better presenter.

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