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From Stuck to Successful with Kate Beeders


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This Week’s Guest:

Every single one of us has at least one story that we tell ourselves about money. These stories are often ingrained in us at a young age. We may not even realize what they are or recognize how they impact us today. Money stories can have a significant influence on how we handle money throughout our lives and can even hold us back from achieving financial success.


Kate Beeders knows all about negative money stories and how to fix them with new ones instead. She helps her clients break through their financial glass ceilings using a variety of techniques that she’ll discuss in this conversation. Kate is also a best-selling author, coveted speaker, creator of the Money Acceleration System and founder of Brilliance Builders.


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In This Episode:

  • [02:07] – Kate explains her concept of breaking through your own financial glass ceiling. She then discusses how she sets herself up for success and creates powerful intentions.
  • [05:48] – Stephan, like Kate, is a big fan of tapping.
  • [06:43] – Kate elaborates what she meant about power statements and positive focus. She ties this into the work that she does with her clients.
  • [10:27] -In terms of teaching sales conversations, what does Kate teach people? Does she provide insights into how to negotiate and how to show up powerfully, for example?
  • [12:36] – Kate provides an example of an internal objection that she personally had to overcome.
  • [15:51] – How does Kate fix the struggle within her clients that she has just been describing?
  • [18:20] – Kate talks about the factor that made the biggest difference for a client of hers who had been struggling. Stephan then talks about the quality of energy within money.
  • [21:20] – Another thing that comes into play is the money stories that people have picked up as kids. Kate gives a specific example of what she means by this and explains how she helped her client cross the six-figure barrier.
  • [24:56] – How does Kate unearth these buried money stories? After answering, Kate talks about techniques she uses to help clients make the shift away from these limiting stories.
  • [27:49] – Kate herself works with several coaches at a time to help her work through her own money issues.
  • [30:15] – How much does Kate charge for her mentoring services?
  • [31:52] – Kate explains what she believes is the difference between a retreat and a mastermind.
  • [33:48] – We move on to talking about Kate’s speaking. She discusses how she got started and whether she was immediately great at it or had to practice over time.
  • [38:31] – Stephan digs deeper into the concept of being an ambivert, which is someone who falls somewhere in between being introverted and extroverted.
  • [39:51] – How does the ambivert concept serve Kate? She answers, then Stephan talks about how considering himself an ambivert may be helpful for him as he goes forward.
  • [42:46] – How often does Kate speak, and how many of the events she speaks at are hers versus someone else’s?
  • [45:21] – Stephan and Kate talk about the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.
  • [48:42] – Speaking at a big event is a huge amount of work, Kate explains. She then talks about what feels most right for her, which is working with people intimately.
  • [50:35] – Kate talks about the VIP days that she offers, and reveals the price: $12,000.
  • [52:18] – What was the highest amount that Kate has ever paid for a VIP day?
  • [53:31] – Kate offers her recommended resources for listeners who don’t have the budget available for a VIP day but might be able to afford a book or program.
  • [55:03] – How can listeners work with Kate or attend one of her events? She recommends emailing her team at info@katebeeders.com.


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