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Success Secrets of a True Legend in Real Estate with Robert G. Allen

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This Week’s Guest:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man,” George Bernard Shaw wrote. Success often requires that you do something unreasonable. You have to make a brazen claim that you’re going to do something out of the ordinary, even when the world pushes back.. Either you’ll fail miserably, or you’ll experience a wealth of success.


Take the next step to becoming an unreasonable and successful person by tuning into this extraordinary episode with Robert G. Allen, one of the great real estate investors of our time. He’ll share his knowledge on wealth building through real estate, describe what traits it takes to be successful, and inspire you to create a fantastic life. He’s the #1 New York Times bestselling author of some incredibly influential books, including Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, and the The One Minute Millionaire.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:46] – We hear about how many books Robert has written so far — and how many he has left in him! He also talks about which book he’s most proud of, and the lengths he went to in order to get his first book published.
  • [06:38] – Stephan got started in his first business while in grad school for biochemistry, which wasn’t at all related to the business. We hear how he got his initial funding.
  • [09:36] – Whenever you see a great success story, you’ll usually see some form of a challenge or someone doing something out of the ordinary behind the scenes. This is part of what Robert calls the success cycle.
  • [13:14] – Declaring a “done” rather than setting a goal is one of the traits of happy, successful people, Robert explains.
  • [14:31] – We learn about Robert’s book The Challenge and its powerful premise.
  • [17:59] – Robert describes one of his favorite students (and now business partner) who lives in Japan and was homeless when he discovered Robert’s books.
  • [20:08] – One thing that Stephan tells attendees at his presentations is that they should learn the material he’s teaching with the intention of teaching others.
  • [22:09] – Robert talks about how he chose the three people featured in his book The Challenge, from the 60 who showed up and wanted to get involved. The key, he explains, lies in refusing to accept rejection.
  • [24:59] – Robert’s book One Minute Millionaire tells the story of a woman who loses her husband, her two small children, and her job.
  • [27:14] – In two weeks, Robert will be holding challenges in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and in Japan. He describes how these challenges will be run.
  • [30:51] – Something else that’s essential for an entrepreneur is the willingness to put everything on the line, Stephan points out, using the example of Elon Musk.
  • [34:59] – The problem, Robert points out, is that you’re living life forward but revealing it backward.
  • [36:46] – Gary Vaynerchuk always talks about hustling, and Stephan talks about what the term means to him. He then shares an example of what he means, which is how he got into his second Tony Robbins event.
  • [39:29] – Robert’s favorite Tony Robbins story took place in 1986, when Robert was republishing one of his books. He describes his encounter with Tony and mentions the impact it had on his life.
  • [45:00] – Robert had the idea for a book about how to make money, but didn’t feel like the best candidate after going through a bankruptcy. He uses a personal example to point out that successful people encourage you, while failures tell you that you’re an idiot.
  • [45:12] – Stephan returns to the concept of a rejection test and describes the honesty test, which is something that he uses in his own hiring process.
  • [48:03] – What was the secret to buying seven properties in 57 hours without having down payments, as Robert describes in his book Nothing Down?
  • [52:41] – Robert explains how someone can become a millionaire in a minute, as he describes in his book One Minute Millionaire.
  • [55:57] – Where can listeners go to find out more about Robert and learn more of what he has to teach?


Links and Resources:


Your Checklist Actions to Take

☑ Have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of wealth in my life. Wealth is about more than just money. It’s also about passion, hard work, and accomplishments.

☑ Have the right attitude towards achieving true wealth. I will not depart from my goals if my attitude has a strong foundation.

☑ Read Creating Wealth by Robert Allen. This book will help me broaden my knowledge about finance and business.

☑ Pay it forward by sharing my knowledge with others. Pass on information I learn from books, seminars, or peer groups.

☑ Don’t let rejection stop me from reaching my goals. Understand that rejection is part of the journey to success and people who succeed have failed before.

☑ Have the will to put everything on the line when it comes to reaching my goals. Success is only possible when there are hard work and dedication involved.

☑ Don’t be afraid to go out of my way to do something extraordinary.Have the confidence to show the world what I am capable of.

☑ Value those who play a role in my journey to success. Show my friends and peer groups how important they are to me.

☑ Encourage others and tell them they can reach their dreams. People need encouragement and support on their path to success.

☑ Declare that I am going to finish something before I start it. This exercise can motivate me to complete tasks because I have shared them with the world.



S: I hope you’re ready for education on wealth building through real estate. Mixed in are some incredible personal stories that will inspire you. From our guest today, who is one of the great real estate investors of our time, Robert G. Allen. He’s a number 1 New York Times bestselling author, He’s the author of one of the most influential financial books of our time including Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, and the One-Minute Millionaire. He’s sold millions of books. He’s changed countless people’s lives, you’re going to hear all about it. He’s been on such an inspiring journey. This is episode 129, I’m your host Stephan Spencer, now on with the show. Bob, it’s great to have you on the show.


R: Hey, thanks, Stephan. I’m glad to be here.


S: Awesome. We’ve known each other for a few years now, I was in your awesome mastermind, The Fortune In You. I’ve learned a ton from you, you’re an amazing New York Times Bestselling Author, real estate investor, expert in a lot of different areas. You’re a prolific writer. How many books have you written so far?


R: Eleven so far. I got 10 more in me, and that’s small by some comparisons, really.


S: That’s amazing. Which book are you most proud of?


R: That’s a hard question. The first book, Nothing Down, was the one that put me on the map. It became a Number 1 New York Times Bestseller and is still selling to this very day, almost 40 years later. Every book is a baby. I’ve got three children, I can’t tell you which is my favorite, I can’t tell you which is my favorite book. My last one, probably.


S: That’s funny, I can relate. I’ve got three children as well and you can’t pick one over the other. That book, Nothing Down, really put you on the map. How did you end up getting that book deal? Continue reading…



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