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Tapping In to Your Infinite Potential with Dr. Robert Pope

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This Week’s Guest:

Many of us know that we should be okay with failure because it’s an opportunity for learning and growth. Even so,  we tend to struggle and fight against failure when we experience it. A more productive response  is to meet failure with love and acceptance even as it’s happening, as difficult as that may seem.

Dr. Robert Pope joins me today to discuss this new perspective on meeting failure and much more. We’ll talk about how to access more power and clarity, the difference between deciding and choosing your destiny, and why you shouldn’t struggle to get ahead in life. Robert is the creator of the Transperative Method as well as a healer, minister, transformational coach, and a great friend of mine.


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In This Episode:

  • [01:22] – Robert starts things off by discussing double binds. He then explains what muscle testing is for listeners who may not be familiar with the term.
  • [04:58] – What is the superconscious?
  • [07:59] – Stephan returns to the subject of a double bind, encouraging Robert to clarify it for listeners. Robert then digs into the topic of people being willing to fail.
  • [11:22] – Robert discusses the muscle tests that come after the first round, which are future-oriented questions such as “I look forward failing/not failing.”
  • [14:02] – Stephan takes a moment to rephrase what Robert has been saying to clarify it for listeners.
  • [14:55] – What’s the solution to the mythology of struggle that Robert and Stephan have been talking about?
  • [18:05] – Robert describes the fascinating phenomenon that occurs when his clients manage to switch on for all of his questions. He then discusses how he helps his clients make corrections to their beliefs.
  • [22:31] – Most people think of themselves as their thoughts and feelings, Stephan points out, and explains why this is problematic. Robert then expands on what Stephan has been saying.
  • [24:16] – Robert talks about why he moves his fingers in a circular pattern.
  • [26:08] – Robert discusses GEOTRAN, in which he was certified as an instructor in 1990.
  • [28:38] – If you were free of the concern for failing, what would be possible? Robert discusses the possibilities, and explains the role that GEOTRAN can play.
  • [31:17] – How many concerns do you need to go through with GEOTRAN?
  • [34:15] – Robert walks us through a mental exercise involving imaginary ice cream cones to illustrate the difference between deciding and choosing.
  • [39:38] – Stephan and Robert discuss the fact that life happens for us, not to us.
  • [42:00] – Our concerns are miscreations by our consciousness, Robert explains, and realizing this can help us see the difference between reality and illusion.
  • [44:36] – Stephan talks about contrary evidence, which is a powerful tool in interviewing. Robert then expands on this and returns to talking about the roles of double binds and concerns for failing in his life.
  • [50:00] – Robert’s job is to see people fully and then speak to that, he explains. He and Stephan point out that when you see someone differently, they show up differently.
  • [51:52] – Robert shares a story about Ephraim Olschewski’s son to illustrate the concept of either creating or complaining.
  • [57:57] – Robert talks about an upcoming event he has with Ephraim, which you can learn more about by contacting Robert through his website.


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