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Tapping and Moving Energy to Regain Health with Fred Gallo

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This Week’s Guest:

Fred Gallo is a practicing clinical psychologist who suffered a severe auto accident and had a near-death experience, which brought on frequent panic attacks. He began learning energy psychology to overcome his health obstacles. He’s published eight books, including Energy Psychology, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, The Neurophysics of Human Behavior, Energy Tapping, and Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy.


You don’t have to live with health or psychological problems forever. Our fears and health issues can be deeply rooted into our belief system, and to become emotionally free, we have to disrupt that pattern. Fred Gallo practices “tapping” and EFT, or emotional freedom techniques, and this practice allows people to overcome their deepest fears, and rid themselves of pain.
We Discuss:

  • What “tapping” is, and how it can benefit you.
  • Where on your body to tap for the best results.
  • Introducing muscle testing and positive affirmations into tapping.
  • Real success stories of overcoming fears and disease.

Here’s what I learned:

Energy Psychology

  1. Dr. Roger Callahan developed a method called The Callahan technique, and initially Fred thought it was the craziest thing in the world.
    • Dr. Callahan said that addiction is “an addiction to a tranquilizer”-or something that makes you more tranquil.
    • His solution to addiction was to have patients tune into their addictive urges, and then have them tap under their eyes and under their arms.
  2. Later on, Fred was working with a woman who was addicted to opiates.
    • Fred used a visual technique where you change what you tell yourself and your mind about the issue at hand.
    • With this technique, she was able to bring her stress level down, but it would come back up to a 10.
    • He then had her tap under her eyes and under her arm while she was thinking about her urge, and fairly quickly the urge settled down again.
    • This time, she was only able to get the urge back up to a four-it had been more than cut in half.
  3. He began to see that tapping can treat everything from addiction to trauma very efficiently.

Overcoming Fears and Phobias

  1. When you experience trauma, the neural pathways replay that in your mind over and over again, especially when you are reminded of that trauma, or triggered.
  2. By tapping on acupuncture meridian points, you’re adding entropy into the system, which makes the memory fuzzier and less crisp.
  3. When you disrupt that structure, you create new neuron connections as a result of it.
  4. It changes the structure of the problem, and tapping does this efficiently.

Reverse Muscle Testing

  1. To begin a session, you first will tune into a problem, and focus on how much that affects you on a scale of 1-10.
  2. Then, to introduce muscle testing, Fred will ask the client to think about the problem again.
    • He will press on a muscle, and it should generally weaken because of the stress in the system.
  3. He will then have the client say a positive phrase, such as “I want to get over this,” and test the muscle again.
    • If it’s congruent, the muscle will now test strong, but if it’s incongruent, it will test weak.
  4. He will then introduce tapping with another positive phrase, such as “Even though I’m afraid of dogs, I accept myself,” while they are tapping.
    • After doing this a few times, Fred will test the muscle, and check the stress level.
    • This activates different areas of your brain and energy system to solidify the results.

Success Stories

  1. When Stephan and Fred were in Zambia together, Stephan received a tapping treatment from Fred.
    • Stephan had fear of heights, and was going in a Microlite Plane above Victoria Falls, which terrified him.
    • After the tapping exercise that Fred put him through, he did end up going, and doing much more beyond that.
    • While he used to think that he was afraid of water, afraid of flying, and afraid of dying, that doesn’t seem to be true for him anymore.
    • He also went inner tubing and jet-skiing for the first time, and wasn’t afraid of the water.
  2. Fred used to have migraines, and tapping regularly helped him to stop them from happening.
  3. Fred recently worked with a woman who had chronic shingles.
    • Fred used a meditative process, and included tapping while focusing on the shingle pain.
    • After a few rounds, the pain was gone, and so far, the pain has not came back-she was able to get off of her pain medication.

Links and Resources Mentioned

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The Neurophysics of Human Behavior
Energy Tapping
Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy
The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Energy Psychology-Fred’s Website
Fred’s Seminars
EFT Videos by Gary Craig on YouTube
EFT Videos by Dawson Church on YouTube
Email Fred

Get Optimized!

  1. When you tune in the particular problem, there will likely be emotional components of it, and it may not be easy to accept at first. Be open and receptive to change.
  2. To make sure that you don’t go back into an old pattern, you have to give the new pattern a chance to go into entropy. Continue your work, as it may take several sessions to do so.
  3. Psychological problems can create a blocked energy, and tapping is a way of moving the energy. Go to one of Fred’s seminars to learn more!

Thank you for listening!
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One thought on “Tapping and Moving Energy to Regain Health with Fred Gallo

  1. So interesting. I was having pain in my elbow, and I did the steps, as you were doing them for your finger. My pain also decreased. I love what he does with phrasing. I have never heard anyone do it that way.

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