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The 100th Episode! Lessons, Highlights, and Insights with Orion Talmay

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This Week’s Guest:

Hello, and welcome to the Optimized Geek! I’m your host, Orion Talmay. Wait… that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Well, that’s because this week, I’m stepping in to interview my husband (and the usual host of this show), Stephan Spencer. In case you haven’t figured out yet what the big occasion is, it’s that this is episode #100 of this amazing podcast!


In our conversation today, Stephan pulls together some incredible information from past episodes, talking about some of the very best wisdom, tips and tricks, tools, and insights he’s gleaned from these 100 episodes of the Optimized Geek. If you aren’t a regular listener, this is a great place to start, because this episode is something of a snapshot of the very best and most valuable conversations that have taken place throughout the course of this podcast.


In This Episode:

  • [02:15] – Looking back to the first episode, what was Stephan thinking in creating this podcast?
  • [04:35] – Stephan reveals what his purpose on earth is, which is ultimately to touch millions of lives. He also discusses what his ideal legacy would look like.
  • [05:33] – One of the biggest changes that has happened in Stephan’s life since starting this show is his study of Kabbalah.
  • [07:07] – Orion has seen Stephan grow and evolve over the four and a half years they’ve been together, she explains. Stephan then talks about some episodes that have influenced him in terms of spirituality or self-development.
  • [08:56] – Stephan takes a moment to plug Orion’s podcast, Stellar Life.
  • [09:51] – How does Stephan think that sexuality and spirituality tie together? After he answers, he and Orion discuss sexual blueprints.
  • [12:33] – Stephan brings up Gary Chapman’s concept of five love languages, and he and Orion describe how these languages function within their relationship.
  • [15:13] – We hear about some ideas that Stephan got about relationships from past guests on the Optimized Geek, and how he’s implementing these.
  • [18:50] – Orion talks about a simple method of appreciation that can improve any relationship, because focusing on the good brings more positivity.
  • [20:10] – Is there anything else about relationships that Stephan learned from his show and wants to share with the audience?
  • [23:20] – Stephan explains that he has recently started going back to the gym and has hired a personal trainer, partly due to the impact of some of his guests.
  • [25:47] – What is biohacking? Stephan and Orion talk about the definition, then discuss Dave Asprey.
  • [27:44] – Stephan and Orion talk about stem cells, what they are, and why we should bank them for potential future use.
  • [31:11] – We move onto the topic of brain hacking, starting out with mindset and morning rituals.
  • [35:30] – Stephan talks about how he manages his time, and he and Orion then discuss recommendations for how to use time powerfully and effectively.
  • [40:03] – Having just explained why most of us shouldn’t feel pressured to accomplish as much in a day as a celebrity, Orion asks Stephan about delegating.
  • [43:00] – What does Stephan think are the most powerful traits of the most successful people in the world?
  • [45:22] – Stephan offers tips on how to recognize that someone is lying.
  • [48:12] – Orion digs deeper into a story that Stephan has just been sharing about how he overcame two of his major fears.
  • [51:13] – Stephan and Orion are seminar junkies, Orion points out, and explains that this is why they know so much about these various topics.
  • [53:46] – What are Stephan’s three top tips for optimizing your inner geek? 1. Establish new habits that will set you up for success. 2. Question your thoughts, because a lot of time they aren’t true. 3. Knowledge is power, so always be learning and optimizing and upleveling in every aspect of your life.


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