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The JingSlinger’s Biohacks for a Long Healthy Life with Jay and Joy

Jay and Joy share some very useful tips on optimizing and biohacking your nutrition, from whether going organic is as important as they say it is, to how comfort food can be tasty and healthy, tune in if you’re looking to transform your diet, and health!

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This Week’s Guest

Jay and Joy are co-founders of JingSlingers, a bi-coastal SuperFood powered optimum health and nutritional consulting company. Together they Educ8te, Illumin8te and Elev8te their students and clients, with Cutting-Edge Science and the Ancient Wisdom of SuperFoods and SuperHerbs, teaching them how to “Sling Jing” in the heart of their own homes, their kitchen. Their natural approach to SuperHero Health has them working with a number of Red Carpet celebrity clients all over the world in both the film & music industry. Joy and Jay have been sought after speakers for live events, radio and internet media interviews and they have multi-media projects in the works.

The JingSlinger’s Biohacks for a Long Healthy Life

There are easy ways of extending our longevity and maximizing our best life that the average Joe like you or I simply aren’t taking advantage of. These are the kind of realities that Jay and Joy, The JingSlingers, want to enlighten us with. They make their living being optimized health counselors to everyday people and some well-known public figures. They understand that living a truly healthy lifestyle is about finding a method that is sustainable and fits with your life.

Jay and Joy and I could talk for hundreds of hours on all of the fascinating secrets they know about optimizing health, but in this session, we mostly focus on food. Specifically, how can one eat well, avoid pesticides, not break the bank and easily find time for it. Turns out, it isn’t impossible. To find out some amazing health and wellness hacks that Jay and Joy throw down, listen in. You aren’t going to want to miss them discussing:

  • The #1 most pesticide-ridden food.
  • How to stave off colds naturally.
  • What food has the resveratrol levels of 36 glasses of wine.
  • Where to find the cheapest, best, organic food.

Here’s what I learned:

When You Reboot, You Get Results

  1. When you work on one part of a healthy lifestyle, you get other benefits.
    • When you are working on your sleep, your energy level raises.
    • You must treat your body with integrity.
    • It is important to know what a food or an environmental factor is doing to your body.
    • You can eat nearly the same meal as a vegetarian or vegan or omnivore and match the tastes and the mouthfeels so they all love what they are eating, and it is healthy.
  2. Superfoods are an important and easy way to get nutrients.
    • They help stave off colds and nutritional deficiencies.
    • Incorporating them into smoothies is so easy.
    • The word superfood is only correct if the food has a super high concentration of vitamins and minerals
      • For example, Acai.
      • Acai has super high levels of antioxidants.
      • The amount of resveratrol of 36 glasses of wine.
      • Layer it with blueberry and some kale and you’ve got a packed smoothie.
    • Most Americans eat 25-30 individual foods, with superfoods you powerpack those foods, get a burst of nutrition.
      • Maca root:
        • It’s like a radish.
        • Precursors to testosterone and progesterone.
        • It’s great for libido, endocrine system, adrenals.
      • Goji berries:
        • They have a great effect on hormonal system.
        • They directly affect pituitary.
        • This levels out moods.


  1. You want the highest quality possible.
  2. Corn:
    • The corn that Native Americans ate was a superfood.
    • It has been reduced to a ghost of what it was nutritionally.
    • There are tons of pesticides that are xenoestrogens that plug into your estrogen receptors and make you overproduce it.
  3. Any of the vegetables that are dipped in pesticides are no longer worth the benefits that the fruit or veggie might provide.
  4. Environmental Working Group has great list of veggies and fruits that you should go organic or can eat conventionally.

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

  1. Jay and Joy avoid GMOs entirely.
  2. Dirty Dozen:
    • These should be the ones that you definitely go organic for.
    • Pesticides can actually seep into the vegetable or fruit.
    • Strawberries are #1.
    • Also on the list is celery, apples, grapes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
  3. Clean 15:
    • Pesticide doesn’t penetrate the vegetable.
    • Examples are onion, avocado, cantaloupe, and sweet potato.
  4. The farmer’s market is a great resource for buying cheap organic.
    • Go an hour or so before it closes.
    • Know about your organic farmers.
    • Even organic strawberries can have pesticides seep in from the ground.
    • However, some pesticides are based in clove oil and are safer to eat.

We Live in a Toxic World

  1. Know the steps of detoxification.
  2. Broken cell chlorella powder is great for cleaning your system.
  3. Jay and Joy have rid someone’s migraines just by getting rid of their Febreeze filter.

Fruit and Veggie Peel

  1. Typically, they have the most nutrition.
  2. However, peeling them mitigates risk of pesticide.
  3. Superfood powders are your new bff, they still have all the nutrients of the peel.
    • Macrolife Greens
    • Miracle Reds
    • Pure Synergy
  4. Add these powders to your dish, layer on some other superfoods.
  5. Adding zest is another great way to add peel.
  6. There are several sprays you can make to get extra stuff off of the fruit or veggie:
    • Food-grade hydrogen peroxide, 3%
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Vinegar and water solution

Eat Live Foods

  1. The closer to the ground, the better.
  2. Packaged food is going to be very dried out.
  3. You want enzymes from the food, not just nutrients.
  4. If you get up and juice some fresh organic veggies in the morning, it is a great start.
  5. Be careful about how your food is packaged.
    • Cans have BPA to prevent rust that isn’t healthy.
    • Glass is best.
    • Plastic bottled water can break down and contaminate the water inside.

Drinking Water

  1. Spring water is the best with a low total dissolved solid.
  2. Plastic bottled water has likely been in those bottles for months in a hot truck.
  3. There is fluoride and chlorine in tap water, which makes it the worst option.
  4. Distillation has nothing in it, you may want to run it through a remineralization system.
    • It was developed by Daniel Vitalis.
    • It shows local springs if you want to hunt for great local drinking water.
    • It’s not a lifestyle for everyone.

Soy-Good or Bad?

  1. Soy is highly estrogenic.
  2. It’s ne of the top genetically modified foods in the US.
  3. Veggie burgers are using less soy, however.
  4. It can inhibit thyroid function.
  5. Fermented soy, such as in miso, however, can protect against radiation.

Batch Cooking

  1. It’s a great way to spend time with family while making it easy to cook healthy for your family the whole week.
  2. It is a stress reliever to be around your friends and family and enjoying a meal.
  3. High tech and low touch, that touch should come back.

Lightning Round!

  1. Dairy-Good or Bad?
    • It’s good if it is grassfed and organic.
    • It provides beneficial fats.
  2. Coconut milk is great.
    • It used to be used as IVs in WWII.
    • Contains good saturated fat.
    • Protophyll is great.
    • Coconut flour can be made into so many things.
  3. How to rehydrate water:
    • The Vitalizer, however that is expensive.
    • Little drops called Crystal Energy by Patrick Flannigan.
  4. Salt:
    • Celtic salt is best.
    • The next best is Himalayan salt.
    • Salt that is infused with something like saffron or truffle oil is amazing for cooking.
  5. Resources for reading up on realities of Gluten:
    • Grain Brain
    • Wheatbelly

Links mentioned in this episode

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

☑ Get the books Wheat Belly by William Davis and Grain Brain by David Perlmutter.
☑ Try sea salt infused with flavors like Saffron for an instant boost to your cooking.
☑ Check the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen to see which veggies must be bought organic.
☑ Switch your dairy to Grassfed and Organic.
☑ Ditch the tap water and the plastic bottled water, opt for springwater in glass jugs.
☑ Check that the strawberries you buy have been treated only by a natural pest repellent like clove oil.
☑ Introduce superfoods into your diet, like acai and Maca root.
☑ Look into Freeze-Dried Superfood powders for a way to add amazing nutrients to everything.
☑ Schedule a superfood-rich family dinner for this week.
☑ Check out some of the great recipes on Jay and Joy’s site at jingslingers.com!


S: Hi, and welcome to another exciting episode of the Optimized Geek, I have the pleasure of joining me today Joy Coelho and Jay Denman. Joy did I pronounce your name correctly?


Joy: Yes you did.


S: Well these two geniuses are culinary experts at jing and herbalism and superfoods and basically how to have an optimized biology to have an optimum life. And that includes what you put into your body and how you take care of it, such as sleep and optimizing your libido and optimizing your focus and clarity and energy. They are true experts and have worked with amazing people that you have probably heard of such as Dave Asprey, biohacking guru, the founder of BulletProof Exec, creator of BulletProof Coffee, and his new best-selling book the “The BulletProof Diet”. He’s a client. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is a client. They are members of the national association of culinary professionals. I’ve had the privilege of tasting some of their mind-blowing and tastebud blowing cuisine. They had hosted their food portion of the bulletproof diet book launch party. You have an interesting background, which I would love to touch on too. Joy, you started in the police force and then shifted 180 degrees to focus on jing and Chinese herbs and all that. What an incredible shift! Jay, what is your background in?


Jay: Hi Stephan, my background was working in several tonic and elixir bars, setting those up, doing the menu design, and really primarily working with the general public on a day-to-day basis. So working with dozens and dozens of people, if not hundreds of people doing events, and working to make customized elixirs, and smoothies, and at some times superfood ice creams. Really taking the best of the drinks world and the herbal world and mixing them with things together into something people really love and boost their minds and feel great from.


S: You guys will go and cater a party such as a book launch party, you guys will meet the chefs to Steven Tyler, or other celebs. And you also market “How to hack your sleep, how to boost your mental clarity, energy, hormone levels, everything else in between. If someone needs help adjusting hormone levels, want to become pregnant, of if they are going through menopause, you have solutions. I’m excited to dig in and learn all of the tips and tricks and secret weapons in your arsenal.

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Get Optimized!

  1. Ditch the bottled water.
  2. Go to the EWG website to get the full list of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.
  3. Find ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet.


Thanks so much for joining us! I had a great time on this episode, certainly a breadth of information to learn about getting the highest value out of the foods you are eating, and also preventing toxic elements from doing damage to your body. It all comes with taking the step to gain control of what is happening to your body so you can live the life you want and have the type of energy that you want. Be sure to check out Jingslingers.com and Jay and Joy’s Kickstarter campaign, some amazing stuff coming from them. See you on the next episode of Optimized Geek!

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