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The Power Of The Morning Ritual To Transform Your Life with Raul Villacis

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This Week’s Guest

Raul Villacis is a strategic consultant, motivational speaker, transformation leader, real estate expert, and a writer. He is the founder and CEO of The Next Level Experience.


Like me, Raul Villacis has gone through a radical transformation. He was in a job that was going nowhere, his body was in a constant pain that doctors couldn’t figure out, and he found himself turning to alcohol to escape his reality. It wasn’t until he found the power of a morning ritual that he turned his life around. For such a simple practice, it is amazing the type of power it can have in revitalizing a life and career. He’s now a successful coach running a sought-after mastermind group, and has learned to master his state in a way that keeps him in control of his emotions and his destiny. We discuss:

  • How to open your mind to personal development.
  • Creating a ritual that sticks.
  • The elements of a power statement that transform your subconscious.
  • The role that gratitude plays in your motivations.

Here’s what I learned:

Raul Didn’t Originally Believe in Motivation and Tony Robbins

  1. When real estate stopped selling well, he wanted to make a change.
    • He had reached a very low point.
  2. He was attracted to a free consultation, that pointed him to the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event.
  3. He attended the next Tony event just to see if they were really using hot coals for the fire walk.
    • They did-and he put the hottest coals in front of his sister’s boyfriend when he did the fire walk.
  4. He ended up learning a lot from Tony.
    • Tony is incredibly consistent in his work.
    • Raul has low moments sometimes, but remembers how much Tony can do and moves forward.

Raul’s transformation was very physical

  1. He was constantly in pain, and even thought he had cancer.
  2. He used to drink tequila to cope with the pain.
  3. He asked Tony for one piece of advice that changed everything, and he said it was the ritual.
  4. Raul started interviewing people who had a successful ritual.
  5. He then started modeling his ritual after Tony’s
    • It didn’t work for him because it wasn’t his own, he needed his own rituals.

Incantations and affirmations

  1. It’s great to think positive, but if there is no power behind those affirmations, it does nothing
  2. Use power statements-create emotion behind your statements
  3. Your subconscious mind must believe it without a doubt.
  4. Incantation is with power, emotion-switches from first person, to second person, to third person.
  5. If you are in motion, stuff is going into your muscle memory as well.

You are conditioned

  1. We all live our life according to the experiences we’ve had.
  2. You have the power to reprogram your subconscious mind.
  3. You can anchor emotions to songs.
  4. You can anchor emotions to body movements.
    • When Raul makes a power statement, he touches his chest.
    • Your body automatically remembers that feeling and that emotion.
  5. Your ritual should run about 30-45 minutes, and in stages.
    • Stage one is breathing, getting yourself into gratitude.
    • Stage two is energizing through music and exercises.
    • Stage three is creating a vision to see beyond what you are doing.
  6. Gratitude-visualize what you are grateful for.
  7. Anchoring is important to manage our state.
    • If you’re having a bad day, all you need to do is listen to your music to get back into that good state.
    • When his kids are fighting, Raul will remember how grateful he is to have children and what joy they bring into his life.


  1. A finger snap brings Raul back into the moment instead of getting mad.
  2. If Raul hadn’t gone to Tony’s events, he wouldn’t be in the career he is in now.
  3. He met individuals there that introduced him to marketing, seminars, coaching, and consulting.
  4. You need to pay the price to make a change.

Create an Experience You’d Want to Attend

  1. 90% of most seminars are fluff.
  2. He wanted to create a program that is based on that 10% that really matters.
  3. There’s no lack of information, there is a lack of people willing to implement the plan of that information.
  4. All the speakers need to stay at the entire event.

Seminars vs. Masterminds

  1. You can hide at a seminar.
  2. At Next Level Experience, there’s nowhere to hide, there are only 8 men and 3 trainers.
  3. All of the attendees need an energy level as high as Raul’s.
  4. It’s a space to get that edge and get that drive back.
  5. He had everyone do a 5 minute plank but told them it would be 2 minutes and didn’t give them any way to count the time
  6. You hide subconsciously, or you hide because you don’t want to do it.
    • Raul hid when he went to the Tony Robbins events because he was self-conscious.
    • Raul called Tony out on stage because he said his team lost a challenge although they did everything to win.
    • Raul realized his own fear of losing.
    • It reprogrammed the idea that he needed to please everyone.
  7. The triad of change
    • Focus
    • Identity shift
    • Physical movements

How to Start

  1. Start with the basics.
  2. Pick a song and listen to it in the morning-one that reminds you how grateful you are.
  3. Then, pick a song that gets you really energetic.
  4. Flow some affirmations through that energy song.
  5. If you do that, you’re doing more than 99% of people.
  6. Check out Raul’s Next Level Experience for more info on how to take your motivation to new places.

Links And Resources Mentioned


Unleash the Power Within

Platinum Partnership

Get Optimized!

  1. Think about attending a Tony Robbins event if you find that you can’t find more motivation in your life.
  2. Attend a mastermind to create a dramatic change and meet people who are ready to make the same kind of commitment to change as you.
  3. Recognize what your true, deepest fear is. What’s the thing that you are afraid to admit?

Thank You For Listening!

It’s always so fascinating when a successful person gives us a peek at their own transformational process. To think that Raul has come to a place where he is pain-free and in a business he loves more than ever is truly remarkable. And it wouldn’t have happened had he not opened his mind to the idea of self-improvement through ritual. For such a simple concept, there seems to be little downside to trying it yourself. Thanks so much for listening in, tune in next week for some more super valuable ways to transform your life for the better with The Optimized Geek!

2 thoughts on “The Power Of The Morning Ritual To Transform Your Life with Raul Villacis

  1. I don’t think I could go back to working for someone else, in an office, during set times. Lunch at noon, 2 weeks vacation – all of that. I’ll do it if I have to, but I’ll be kicking and screaming the whole way!

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