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Your Ticket to TV Appearances, Speaking, and Making a 7-Figure Income with Clint Arthur

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This Week’s Guest:

“YouTube is the great equalizer, but television is the great separator. Television is the thing that separates celebrities from everybody else.” In other words, if you’re ready to become a celebrity, you need to get started on booking those all-important TV appearances. This is something I learned a few years ago and that I’ve found to have powerful results. In the last year, I’ve done 11 TV appearances, three of which were in the last few weeks.


I credit much of my success to today’s guest, Clint Arthur. After interviewing him on my other podcast, I went through his Celebrity LaunchPad twice. His secrets really worked, and I plan to use his tips and mentorship until I’ve reached the Today Show, GMA, or both! Clint is here to talk about how to get on TV and how to make a sizeable income from speaking. He’s the #1 bestselling author of books including What They Teach You at the Wharton Business School and Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed.


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In This Episode:

  • [02:18] – Between Clint’s appearance on Marketing Speak and today, Stephan has done 13 different TV appearances.
  • [03:15] – Clint talks about celebrity status, what it means, and why someone (specifically a geek) would want that. He also discusses his own celebrity status and what this means to him.
  • [07:11] – We learn the difference between a celebrity and everyone else who’s out there marketing themselves on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on.
  • [08:04] – Stephan clarifies that it’s not good enough to just be an authority in your space. Clint then points out that television has the perception of being the highest-status media.
  • [11:12] – How does Stephan feel that appearing on TV has impacted him on a personal level and changed him?
  • [12:44] – Clint discusses how all of this applies to listeners who may think that this doesn’t apply to them because they’ll never be on TV.
  • [15:09] – We hear about a powerful and transformation experience that Chris had with a shaman telling him that he’s already dead.
  • [16:43] – Clint talks about the importance of mentors, and explains the path that led him from his first mentor to booking TV appearances.
  • [19:49] – Stephan digs deeper into Clint’s guarantee of money back plus $1,000 for people who don’t get at least three TV appearances after his Celebrity LaunchPad. So far, he hasn’t needed to pay that out to anybody.
  • [21:55] – Clint points out that his program is Celebrity LaunchPad, meaning it’s the beginning of your journey as a celebrity.
  • [23:01] – No matter how big an introvert you are, you still have to talk about people. Clint makes this point while talking about speaking and how to become a better speaker.
  • [26:12] – Clint has put together a list of five things you should never say if you want to make more money, and one of five things you should always say if you want to make more money. He launches into these tricks.
  • [29:06] – What Clint has been saying reminds Stephan of how many times J.K. Rowling got rejected before the Harry Potter series found a publisher.
  • [29:20] – The third thing you should never say is “I would’ve/should’ve/could’ve.” Clint then describes why it’s so important not to offer discounts.
  • [34:24] – Bartering is terrible and Clint has only had horrible results from it.
  • [35:18] – Clint discusses talking about these five things you should never say on TV shows. He then launches into the five things you should always say if you want to make more money.
  • [38:47] – Stephan recommends an earlier episode of the Optimized Geek with Ross Jeffries.
  • [39:30] – Another second thing you should always say is “give me the money!” Clint digs into this and other tips, and talks about his butter company.
  • [44:44] – Clint talks about the fourth thing you should always say if you want to make money, which involves how to deal with people who want discounts. Stephan then expands on the larger idea of not compromising your values.
  • [47:16] – The fifth thing you should always say if you want to make more money is that you’re very grateful to have the career that you have.
  • [48:55] – Stephan brings up a roleplay scenario in which Clint is pitching to a TV producer to see how the conversation might go.
  • [52:40] – Clint describes what a proposal should be, and mentions his library of over 300 successful proposals. He and Stephan then discuss some tips for how to propose successfully and keep the attention of producers.
  • [54:40] – Stephan shares a personal experience that he had with cold calling.
  • [57:44] – Every TV appearance that you do is a marketing video that you can use on your website to give your customers and prospects an opportunity to see you stand out from your competition.
  • [59:41] – Clint shares a parting word of wisdom, recommending his book Speaking Game.


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