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Transform Your Relationship With Money: DC Cordova

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This Week’s Guest:

What’s the secret to becoming financially wealthy? Many of us relentlessly pursue the almighty dollar but fail to get rich. As you’ll learn in this powerful episode, you have to let go of your attachment to money and focus on solving the world’s problems in order to secure more wealth. Money is a manifestation of energy and it needs to be treated and respected accordingly.


Here to explain all this is the remarkable Dame DC Cordova. DC is the CEO of Excellerated Business Schools, which boasts over 100,000 graduates and helps entrepreneurs create meaningful businesses  that solve problems and make money. I took her excellent seminar Money & You a couple years ago. It was so powerful and had such an impact that I just had to bring her on the show to share her perspective and abundant wisdom with you.


Find Out More About DC Here:

DC Cordova
Dame DC Cordova on LinkedIn
DC Cordova on Facebook
Dame DC Cordova on Facebook
@DCCordova on Twitter


In This Episode:

  • [01:45] – DC clarifies that she is the CEO of her company, but isn’t the one who created all the content and concepts, which comes from the wisdom of many experts.
  • [02:50] – We hear what about Buckminster Fuller is so incredible from DC’s point of view, as she lists some of his remarkable accomplishments.
  • [04:53] – DC discusses another remarkable man: Huang Ming of Solar Valley China. She then explains how he became a billionaire.
  • [07:47] – DC offers a resource for learning more about Buckminster Fuller, then points out how the things Stephan has been saying reveal that he’s a Money & You graduate.
  • [10:19] – Stephan relates DC’s point to a Kabbalistic teaching from Yehuda Ashkenazi, who was a previous guest on the Optimized Geek. DC then brings that concept back to the topic of money.
  • [13:36] – We hear about DC’s thoughts on Bitcoin.
  • [16:00] – Money is an exchange of energy, Stephan points out, then explains why it’s so important to be respectful of it.
  • [19:06] – If you’re listening to this, part of you is taking you down a path that you really need to listen to. DC then explains her link with Tony Robbins.
  • [21:10] – Stephan agrees that Tony Robbins talks regularly about success leaving clues.
  • [24:32] – DC explains that there are two things to pay attention to: how much time are you spending in income-generating activities on a daily basis, and how are you leveraging yourself?
  • [26:41] – We learn about the gift that DC is going to give to listeners.
  • [29:28] – DC clarifies the difference between a mission and a purpose. Missions can be accomplished, while purposes are ongoing. She then talks about synergy and creating results.
  • [34:11] – What does DC mean by “personal clearing”?
  • [36:05] – Stephan mentions an Optimized Geek episode with Jonathan Fields that was dedicated to meditation.
  • [37:24] – DC discusses emotional mastery as it relates to money. She also touches on some of the losses of her young life, and discusses her dark years.
  • [39:53] – We hear about the powerful and transformative event that occurred when DC was 26 and shifted her perspective.
  • [44:14] – Stephan clarifies a couple things that DC has said, then shares a transformative experience of his own.
  • [45:24] – DC mentions conscious breathing, then explores how the kind of experiences that she and Stephan had leads to doing good for humanity.
  • [47:02] – We learn about how DC’s mother reacts to watching the news on TV, and DC’s realization that her reactions apply to all of us.
  • [49:22] – Stephan emphasizes that it’s a lot easier for money to come when you’re not attached to it.
  • [52:39] – DC shares what she believes Buckminster Fuller would say to Stephan about this podcast. She then offers wisdom about not hurting others.
  • [54:51] – Stephan brings us back to something he was trying to remember earlier in the episode, which are externalities.
  • [56:33] – The whole Money & You program is designed to integrate left- and right-brained techniques, DC explains.
  • [59:04] – Stephan describes a powerful exercise that allows you to access your right brain, as he learned from Bill Donius.
  • [61:21] – DC invites listeners to come to Money & You.

Links and Resources:

DC Cordova
Dame DC Cordova on LinkedIn
DC Cordova on Facebook
Dame DC Cordova on Facebook
@DCCordova on Twitter
Excellerated Business Schools
Money & You
Buckminster Fuller
Geodesic dome
Spaceship Earth
Walt Disney
Huang Ming
Solar Valley China
Yehuda Ashkenazi on the Optimized Geek
Tony Robbins
Marshall Thurber
Bobbi DePorter
Jonathan Fields on the Optimized Geek
Est Training
Werner Erhard
Ephraim Olschewski on the Optimized Geek
Oneness University
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Bill Donius on the Optimized Geek
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Free gift: Money & You Business Success Model



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