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Travel the World With a Nomadic Online Business with Andre and Anita Chaperon

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This Week’s Guest:

Andre and Anita Chaperon are an entrepreneurial couple living in Gibraltar and running several businesses together including AutoResponder MadnessStoryfluence, and Tiny Little Businesses. Andre has been a full-time internet marketer since October of, 2003, and with determination, consistency, and belief, has managed to build a great life around that. Anita is a hormone expert and is also responsible for the entire customer experience at Tiny Little Businesses. Together, they make an unstoppable team that is taking the online world by storm.


Imagine a life where you can live wherever you want-traveling the world, living in Spain, even moving to Gibraltar. That’s the life of today’s guests, Anita and Andre Chaperon. Starting an online business allows one the freedom to live life by your own design, and they are fully taking advantage of that. In this episode they share their business tips for living abroad, including banking and taxes-and even some inside tips on how hormones affect our health, and why we should get them tested.
we discuss:

  • Why you can design your life anywhere with an online business.
  • Banking overseas, and how it can help you in the long-run.
  • The importance of coaches-for business or storytelling.
  • Hormones and hormone therapy.

Here’s what I learned:

Lifestyle Design

  1. Anita and Andre live in Gibraltar currently, and previously lived in Marbella, Spain.
    • Andre is from Africa and Anita is from Bulgaria, but moved to Durban, South Africa when she was 14.
  2. They were working 9-5 jobs and went on a trip to Marbella, where they decided that they needed a change.
    • It was a ten year plan, that they implemented in five years.
  3. They decided on an online business since that is essentially a nomadic business.
    • They didn’t want to worry about inventory, storage, cash flow, etc.
  4. They chose Gibraltar next because it’s a central location with a stable economy and good tax rates for companies.

A Global Business

  1. Even though Anita and Andre live in Gibraltar, they do business around the world.
    • They bank out of Singapore and have citizenship in other countries.
    • It’s the Five Flag Theory-you reside in a different country from the one where you have citizenship in or dual-citizenship in; where you bank in, or have your business in.
    • This helps diversify your risks, protect your assets and potentially, minimize tax if you do it right.
  2. They decided to take the advice of Simon Black from Sovereign Man.
    • He said that the best place to put your corporate account is in places like Singapore and Hong Kong.
    • At the moment, the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency-but there is 100% chance that one day in the future, it’s not going to be the reserve currency.
    • They decided to go with Singapore-convincing the London branch of the Singapore bank that they chose to meet them there to sign papers since it is more convenient for them.
    • Since their currency is in Singapore dollars, if one day they wake up and the Euro and the U.S. dollar has become devalued by a certain percent, it won’t affect them.

Story Coaches & Business Coaches

  1. On top of a business coach, Anita and Andre also use work with Michael Hauge-a story coach.
    • Having a story coach helps their business, Storyfluence.
  2. Andre figured out that the better he became at telling stories, the more money he made.
    • He enjoy telling stories and communicating his marketing through channel stories.
    • Andre was limited by how much he knew, he wanted to learn more so he bought ten hours of Michael’s time.
  3. Some of Andre’s ideas were working really well and others worked mediocre.
    • When he reached out to Michael, he put some of the stories in front of him.
    • It became clear that the way that he sequenced those stories, the good ones were done well and the other ones were out of sequence.
    • Michael helped him understand what that framework looked like and allowed him to be able to write in a more intelligent way.
  4. Anita and Andre initially found their business coach because they wanted to be held accountable to execute a lot faster.
    • It ended up being a deeper relationship, they joke that he had ended up being half-marriage counselor as well.
    • When you have a business, you come across challenges that a business coach can be a great third perspective.
    • Then, you reach your goals faster.

Hormone Therapy

  1. Anita is an expert in hormones.
    • None of this is meant as a medical advice, it’s just experience from her journey.
    • At 31, Anita was diagnosed with depression-she did not want to take anti-depressants.
  2. Andre got her a book by Suzanne Somers called Breakthrough.
    • The book changed Anita’s life.
    • They went to Spain and found a hormonal doctor and started the journey to exploring hormonal issues.
  3. Anita found out that pre-menopause for women can start at the age of about late 20’s and early 30’s, so even if you are in your twenties there could be hormonal issues.
  4. You start with testing your thyroid-and that goes for both men and women.
    • The biggest mistake is that people don’t get tested for all the parameters and for all the markers.
    • Usually, a doctor will only test your pT3 and pT4. They almost never test for TSH in the same test, but they should.
  5. For woman, the other “mother” hormone is basically, progesterone.
    • If the progesterone is out of balance with the estrogen, it creates problems-including emotional ones.
    • You can help this by putting more fat in your diet-Anita eats 70% of fat in her diet.
  6. The other thing that a woman needs to address is stress and the cortisol hormone.
    • Stress also includes over-exercising, not sleeping enough, and not eating well.
    • Your body releases cortisol to try and combat stress, and that blocks the receptor sites.
    • Cortisol shares receptor sites with the main six hormones like the progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone for women and for men.
    • This can cause weight gain, anxiety, paranoia, water-retention, etc.
  7. If you think you may have a hormone imbalance, do a full blood panel.
    • ZRT Labs and WellnessFX are good options for blood tests, and they do saliva as well.
  8. Anita and Andre recommend a product called Fat is not your Fault.
    • There is an amazing questionnaire on page 96 that will help you establish with your most urgent problems hormonally.

Links and Resources Mentioned

AutoResponder Madness

Tiny Little Businesses


Sovereign Man

Michael Hauge’s Story Mastery

Suzanne Somers Breakthrough

Fat is Not Your Fault


ZRT Labs

Andre Chaperon

Anita Chaperon 

Get Optimized!

1) Create your business online-setting up a website to offer your products is easy.

2) Research the best countries and currencies to bank in for your needs, Andre and Anita chose Singapore.

3) If you aren’t feeling your best, get your hormones tested. Reach out to ZRT Labs or WellnessFX for a test.

Thank you for listening!

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