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What your Chronic Pain and Other Health Conditions are Telling You: Pete Egoscue

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This Week’s Guest:

If you know much about pain management, body alignment, and chronic pain relief, chances are you’ve already heard of the Egoscue Method. This exercise therapy program, which was developed by Pete Egoscue, is globally acclaimed for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain and offering safe, effective, permanent relief from chronic pain.


As the creator and developer of the method, Pete — who I have the pleasure of introducing as today’s guest — knows it intimately and understands exactly how it works. I first learned about the method from Tony Robbins, and am thrilled to be bringing the creator himself to you in this conversation. As you’ll hear, he’s so intimately familiar with pain that he’s able to bring me relief with no information except that I have a sore finger. To hear how he did this, as well as to learn about tips and techniques you can use to keep yourself fit, healthy, and pain-free, you’ve got to tune in!


Find Out More About Pete Here:

Egoscue University
Pete Egoscue on Facebook
@PeteEgoscue on Twitter


In This Episode:

  • [01:54] – What exactly is the Egoscue Method, and why would someone need to use it?
  • [03:32] – Pete points out that you don’t need to go to an Egoscue clinic in person; they do Skype appointments as well.
  • [04:50] – In response to Stephan’s description of the “air bench” exercise, Pete explains that exercises aren’t necessarily for the muscles in which you feel them. He also mentions how he came up with many of the exercises.
  • [06:23] – What does the Egoscue Method provide that the Alexander Method, for example, doesn’t?
  • [07:08] – Pete describes how his own experiences led to his creation of the Egoscue Method. This led to his nerve pain completely going away, he says.
  • [08:44] – Most of the Egoscue Method’s public speaking is now done by Bryan Bradley. Stephan then expands on how he became familiar with the method.
  • [10:07] – We learn how Pete’s connection with Tony Robbins came about, and how Tony became a fan of the Egoscue Method. Pete also talks about Tony’s Life & Wealth Mastery program.
  • [13:20] – Stephan’s latest book is on personal transformation, rather than his usual topic of internet marketing. He and Pete then talk more about personal transformation.
  • [14:40] – Pete talks about the way we address pain by looking for the problem then offering the patient a solution. What’s left out, he explains, is the “why” and solving the root of the problem.
  • [17:35] – Stephan brings up a pain of his own, in his left index finger. Pete then walks him through several steps to reduce this pain.
  • [21:35] – Now that Stephan’s finger pain is lessened through moving his shoulders and spine, Pete reiterates that the origin of pain isn’t necessarily where you feel the pain itself.
  • [23:18] – How many different exercises are there in Pete’s database? Over 400, he reveals, then talks about his new machine and how it helps in creating customized menus of exercises.
  • [26:16] – If you have an Egoscue Method appointment, be honest about how much time you’re willing to devote to these exercises, Pete advises.
  • [27:27] – Stephan asks Pete’s advice on sitting. Instead of answering briefly, Pete takes us on a journey through the way cells and the body operate.
  • [30:47] – If you’re sitting in the posture that Pete put Stephan in to help his finger, then sitting itself won’t be a problem, Pete says. He then emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated and explains that chronically dehydrated people have lost their thirst response.
  • [33:45] – Stephan returns to a point that Pete had mentioned, about varying eyesight being a symptom of dehydration. Pete then elaborates on what he means and how this is related to dehydration.
  • [35:13] – Pete offers a formula for how much water to drink daily: divide your body weight in half and then convert that to ounces. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water a day.
  • [36:11] – Sugar is poison, Pete explains. He walks us through how the body reacts to sugar, and why that’s a problem. He then advises against consuming certain ingredients, saying that “if you can’t pronounce [the ingredients], neither can your body, and you don’t want to ingest them.”
  • [39:24] – Pete explains the origin of Gatorade, and the ways in which it’s now different than it was. He and Stephan then talk more about sugar.
  • [41:36] – Does Pete get his food from local farmers markets?
  • [42:14] – Pete offers his recommendations for those of us who don’t have private chefs. “You can’t unconsciously eat,” he explains. He then reveals why fast food is bad for you, despite using high-quality ingredients: the intention involved in creating the food.
  • [44:59] – Pete shares his thoughts on vegetarianism and the Mediterranean diet.
  • [46:24] – Stephan has recently started blessing his food before he eats it. He mentions what inspired him to make this change, which involves Dr. Emoto’s work with water crystals.
  • [48:11] – We learn about Pete’s exercise regimen. He spends about half an hour each day on his Egoscue Method menu, and another 60 to 90 minutes on working out.
  • [48:49] – The body doesn’t know how old it is, Pete reveals, and each of us knows our own health better than anybody on the planet.
  • [50:49] – Pete asks Stephan if he ever goes to the gym. He then points out the association many people have between effort, results, judgment, and fitness. He then offers his own inspirational definition of fitness.
  • [52:26] – If someone is interested in learning more about the Egoscue Method or giving it a try, they should go to egoscue.com.


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